Jul 18, 2008


What is this you ask? Well as you can probably tell it's a McDonald's happy meal. What makes it so special is that I bought this happy meal October 25, 2003. It was never refrigerated. It just sat in my pantry. There are so many preservatives in the food that it never molded or went bad, it just hardened. This meal or any fast food meal for that matter has little if any nutritional value. I am guilty of going through the drive thru and grabbing something on the go but not often. Hubby and I eat organic for the purpose of lowering the preservatives we put into our bodies along with the pesticides. Not all of my produce is organic, I do enjoy buying locally too! I love the idea of knowing exactly what farm my meat comes from and that I know what the animal has eaten. It was given no growth hormones nor antibiotics. Both of which are found in your milk that you buy at the grocery store. Real food rots. Real food is the healthiest!
Check out this website..    http://www.misa.umn.edu/vd/whyorgmeat.html 
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