Oct 15, 2008

Purchase the Family Rules File

ATTENTION: I am no longer taking orders until after our latest blessing is born. Thank you for your interest in purchasing a family rules file. Check back in November. 

If you'd like to purchase a family rules file please make payment below. In your checkout please give ONE last name to customize your family rules and your email account. Remember this is just a file. You will need to print the file on your own. Each file will be sized for 11x14 canvas.

*****Terms of use: By purchasing this item you agree to the terms of use. You are NOT allowed to sell the file or change the file in anyway. You are not allowed to print these out and sell them. This is only for residential use. You in no way can use this for commercial use.

*****The paypal button isn't working properly. Until I can get it working please send a $10 payment through paypal. Remember to include the customized last name and your email address. Thank you!! Please give up to 48 hours to respond, though most will receive a response in the first 24. There are no refunds! *****


  1. I saw your Family Rules on Pinterest and I loved it. However I am fairly new to the do it yourself scene. I noticed that we can purchase the file but I don't know how to print on a canvas. What kind of places do that and how much would it cost? Is there anyway that I could get the words already on vinyl and then I could apply it to the canvass myself?

  2. I would also like to know the above question! And is PayPal up and running now? Thanks!!


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