Oct 16, 2008

Now that it's just us

I have been dying to update my blog! But since we aren't telling main stream people yet and the one thing that's on our mind is the pregnancy I had to make my blog private. (At least for now) So now I can breathe a sigh of relief and get some of this stuff off my chest. It's better that I do it on here so I don't bore my husband.
So those of you that are reading this I ask you NOT to share it with others. I will let you know when I make the blog public again. This is to keep you all updated and to give you prayer requests and of course praise reports!! 
Now here's the background story:
Hubby and I have been "trying" for 13 months. We had a loss in march at 4 weeks. My mom and grandma both had a history of not easily getting pregnant so I'm not surprised that it wasn't easy for me. Hubby and I had an appt. with a specialists to hopefully figure out what was going on and find out what our next step would be. Our appointment was on october 1st, we found out we were pregnant on september 29. It was so overwhelming to see the test come back positive.  Hubby had to hold me because I was shaking. There in the bathroom we held each other and scott prayed to God thanking Him for the life that He had created in my womb without the help of doctors!!!
I've been going to appointments every week since week 4. I am now week 6. I have had 3 sonograms thus far. Each sonogram we can see the progress of the pregnancy. The first one we could only see the thickening of my lining. The second we saw a sac and a fetal pole. This last one I got to see the heart beat!!!! 
Seeing the heart beat was incredible! I am so thankful that God let me see it! I was overwhelmed with emotion. The nurse was even thanking God. 
I have been put on a progesterone supplement. After a week of being on the supplement my progesterone  levels are still low but they are moving up! 
Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for this baby. Please continue to be praying for the life God has so graciously placed in my womb. Pray that He will continue to grow this baby to term and that my progesterone levels to start rising!

Oct 15, 2008

Purchase the Family Rules File

ATTENTION: I am no longer taking orders until after our latest blessing is born. Thank you for your interest in purchasing a family rules file. Check back in November. 

If you'd like to purchase a family rules file please make payment below. In your checkout please give ONE last name to customize your family rules and your email account. Remember this is just a file. You will need to print the file on your own. Each file will be sized for 11x14 canvas.

*****Terms of use: By purchasing this item you agree to the terms of use. You are NOT allowed to sell the file or change the file in anyway. You are not allowed to print these out and sell them. This is only for residential use. You in no way can use this for commercial use.

*****The paypal button isn't working properly. Until I can get it working please send a $10 payment through paypal. Remember to include the customized last name and your email address. Thank you!! Please give up to 48 hours to respond, though most will receive a response in the first 24. There are no refunds! *****

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