Feb 27, 2008

I finally caved!

Well, here I am on blog spot . I tried creating my own blog on my website but I didn't like it. I fought it, didn't want to do it, but here I am. It feels good that I have finally embraced it.

I named my blog "the point of conversion is just the beginning" because a lot of times when we hear someone's testimony they go on and on about how bad they were before Christ. They talk about their failures, struggles, and sinful ways. Then they stop at the point where they gave their life over to Christ as if that's the end. But ask any christian, the point where they gave their life over to Christ is just the beginning! Scripture tells us that we will have trials in our life. My life is no different. I became a christian at 11 and that was the beginning of God using different situations, trials and people to refine me and bring Him glory. I cling to the promise that He is not finished with me yet, because I am far from where I want to be and should be.
Now that I officially have a blog I have one problem. Those of you who know me well, know that I won't hold back. I will tell you whatever you want to know. My life is an open book. It will be fun trying to find a balance of sharing too much and not enough.
Hubby and I are about to celebrate our anniversary. (It flew by) God has walked us through so much already. We have to continually deal with the pain of family, friends we feel were wronged, friends that Satan has seduced, and trusting in His timing. These situations have brought Hubby and I closer to our Savior and closer together. I have spent more time on my knees this past year then any year to date.

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