May 30, 2009

Please Pray!

My labs did not look good from this morning. My platelets  are really low and descending. Which means my condition is worsening. The doctor said that she wants to perform a c-section this evening if they don't go up. If they did a c-section on me then they would have to completely put me under with my condition. Which means I would miss the birth of my son, I wouldn't get to hear his first cry and would not get to nurse him for a long time.  

Kind of humorous. We have been praying all week Hubby wouldn't miss the birth of his son now we are praying that I won't. I say that but in reality I could not be more saddened and scared. God is placing me in a position to where all I can do is trust in Him. I know that He has full control of this situation but I am starting to become disheartened by the whole situation. Hubby and I are going to fight for an induction today! 

Please pray that the platelet count goes up and a c-section is not necessary!!

              Oh boy am I happy that my husband is finally home!! 


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