Jun 28, 2009


I LOVE this sling. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to use. Little man falls asleep almost instantly every time I put him in it. It's much easier to put him in this than carry him in the car seat. The "tail" hanging down can be used as a nursing cover or it has a zipper and can be used to hold keys and other small things. I wish I had another one in a lighter color for when we are outside. It's so hot outside right now and the black color on the sling doesn't help!

Little man is only 4 weeks old and I am not big on getting him out quite yet. But I popped in to our friends wedding reception wearing Little man. This couple is beautiful inside and out. I am sad that they are moving to Chicago really soon! Hubby got to be the MC at their reception and did an awesome job!

They had popcorn thrown at them as they left the reception. I had never seen that done before but it was fun!

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  1. Aww, adorable! I love slings! My three year old daughter was so not into being confined, which was tough, but my six months old actually let me walk around Target yesterday (and shop for the 3 year old's birthday, LOL) while nursing her in a hotsling. Long live babies who love to cuddle!

    Have a great Monday!


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