Jul 24, 2009

Could this week get any worse....

The answer to that is yes it could so I'm not complaining. But it was rather humerous all the things that seemed to go wrong while my husband was out of town this week.

We have two dogs that stay outside due to my allergies. They were sleeping outside while I was sleeping in my cozy bed. At 5 in the morning I was woken up by the sound of thunder. The dogs can't be outside when it's raining. So I jumped out of bed, woke my sister up and we ran to put them into the garage. When I got to the door I could only see one dog. I let him in and he laid down on the kitchen floor. I poked my head outside and called for the other one. I heard her whining but couldn't see her. I got the flashlight and I found her stuck under the fence. My sister ran out to see if she could get her unstuck. It was raining and the sprinkler system was on. So I ran to turn it off and call for help. I called my brother in law several times, my dad and my other sister. No one answered. While I was calling, my sister was able to finally save the dog. But not before she was soaked by the water sprinkler and covered in mud. The dog she saved was also covered in mud so there was no way she was coming in the house. The other dog that was already in the house was also covered in mud but I did not find this out till later. He has a black coat and I couldn't see the mud till it was all over my floors and walls. No lie.....it was everywhere. Thank goodness for our steam vac!

Then while my mom was visiting I locked us out of the house. It was 9:30 in the evening and still was really hot outside. I hated having to call my husband and tell him what was going on. He called a locksmith. The locksmith said it would be a 2 hour wait and $150.00. We had an infant...there is no way we could wait 2 hours! So my sister took matters into her own hands. She took a hammer and hammered off the door knob! At least we were able to get inside. :)

Several other things happened but I don't think the people involved would appreciate me sharing the story. Oh and I think my sister broke the garage door. My husband jokingly said that he can't leave me home unsupervised anymore because it's getting too expensive.

On a much happier note, take a look at this face. This face helped me find the humor in everything that happened this week.

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