Jul 6, 2009


Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July celebration. We went to my husband's side of the family for bbq and fireworks. We of course had to take a picture of Little man's first 4th of July! My husband and I accidentally matched. We were both wearing blue shirts, khaki shorts and brown flip flops.

                 Now onto another subject. Sunday after church my husband, sister and I went to a restaurant to eat lunch. We had little man with us. The young waitress was very friendly and had a lot of questions about little man. She reached into the car seat touched his face and kept saying how cute he was. I politely said thank you and we ordered our food. Now, as I posted earlier I don't like getting him out quite yet. He's still little and needs to build his immunity. But we don't want to keep our family trapped in the house. After we finished our meal it was time for little man to eat. He was getting fussy so I pulled out a bottle and fed him. Little man finished feeding him and started burping him. The young waitress came over and asked "Can I hold your baby?". The way she asked made me feel like I didn't have an option but to say yes. She proceeded to say that she's GREAT at burping babies and took grabbed the burp cloth and took over for my husband. My husband shot me a glance like what do I do? I didn't know what to do! I didn't know this woman from the man on the moon! I have never asked a complete stranger to hold their baby. I never thought his would happen. I don't mind if people hold him but I would prefer to know you or know someone that knows you. She held him and burped him for what seemed like an eternity and then handed him back over. We smiled, paid our bill and we were on our way. I am a first time mom! Other moms out there..what should I have done? Did I do the right thing in just letting her hold him? I need advice on what to do if it happens again.

Here is little man sleeping soundly. I love how peaceful he looks. The cradle that he is sleeping in is the exact same one that I slept in when I was a baby!  


  1. people can be aggressive...you have to remember that there are some who have less boundaries than others, and yours are ok! i think its fine that you let the waitress hold him, but i also think if you said no, that wouldn't be uncommon. i'm a little surprised too that a total stranger asked to hold him...but maybe next time if you are uncomfortable with it, you could try "no...you are so sweet to ask, but since he's so little we prefer to not pass him around" or something that like that...ackowledging that you appreciate her interest, but also firm to what you are comfortable with...:) you are the mom!! and what you say...goes!! :)

  2. Kristin- beautifully written! Thanks for the advice!


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