Aug 16, 2009

the rest of california

I found this cute handmade purse and bib at a baby boutique in Laguna Hills. I bought this for Jen since she is expecting a little girl in December. Little girls are so much fun to shop for.
We soon discovered that it takes a lot to pack for a little one.

Seriously! All of this for two adults and one 2 month old!

Friday, when hubby had finished work we headed down to Temecula. The traffic was horrible but worth it. Some friends of ours that used to live in Texas now live there. We had dinner with them and enjoyed good conversation.

Jen was able to get my restless little man to sleep!

This family also joined us! Liz and Ben were a lot of fun to hang out with! Oh, and it was Ben's birthday which means birthday cake!!

We had a lot of fun talking with Jay and Jen. Hopefully we can go back out there to visit them soon!

Little man and I walking around "The walk of fame". It was very crowded and due to a movie premier that was to happen later that evening we couldn't go see all the stars and their handprints.

IMG_4699 IMG_4737
It was a very quick trip to LA because we had a flight to catch. So our "heart attack in a bag" of choice was IN-N-OUT BURGER.

On the way home we went through a storm. I was able to catch a picture of the lightning in the clouds. This was the neatest thing I've ever seen!

Here is our family picture to show we survived our first family vacation. And look who can now face out!

Before we ever walk out the door to go on a trip my house must be spotless. Windows, bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen...everything! I also have clean sheets on the bed. So, we can come home to a clean house. And no matter how late it is when we finally get home, we unpack everything and start laundry. We didn't get to bed till after 1 am but we didn't have to wake up to a messy house!

Overall it was a great trip. Although going through airport security to get home was a lot more difficult. Little man had not eaten because we couldn't pull over to feed him or we would have missed our flight. When we were walking through security he was screaming. I was about to start crying because my son was starving and all I wanted to do was feed him!! But airport security had to do their job and re-screen several items including his formula! We are glad to be back home.....there's no place like home!

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  1. cute pictures. i loved being able to hang out for the evening with you all. it was a little bit of a crazy evening with all the kid-chaos :) but Luke did great!


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