Aug 24, 2009

junk drawer....I will conquer thee!

It's monday and I have my usual monday routine. I have several loads of laundry from the weekend and usually several errands that I need to run. But today I added something to my list. I have been dreading this day and you know what I'm talking about. Everyone has one...the junk drawer. Ours hasn't been cleaned out in years. I had been noticing that it was really hard to open the drawer and that was my cue that it was time to clean it out.

So this morning I tackled and conquered it! I found some interesting things.
This is what the drawer looked like before.
I found some matches that were from a wedding 6 years ago.
My husband is always looking for these. (I found them, honey!)

Shouldn't these be in the toolbox?

What in the world???
Again....what in the world?

Also joining those items were golf balls, guitar picks, nails, screws, old drivers license, invitations, receipts, and tons of christmas pictures that friends have sent. What do I do with all the birth announcements and christmas pictures? I don't want to throw them away but they need a place.... any ideas?
I don't have an after picture. But it looks MUCH better! Next.....the hall closet!


  1. you only have one junk drawer?? Ugh I have work to do then- haha
    Just kidding. Did you find any treasures that were lost?


  2. Regarding the Christmas card pictures and birth announcements. Run out to Ross and buy a 2 pack of those pretty photo boxes - $9.99 for 2. I just bought 4 to store Christmas card pictures and birthday, anniversary and mother's day cards I've gotten over the years. Plus, my closet looks so much better since I took them out of the old coffee boxes from the office and put them on a shelf in those new, pretty boxes!

    If those small shoebox sized boxes are not big enough, there are some beautiful larger boxes available. I got some at Tuesday Morning that I love. Good prices, too!

  3. angie- I wouldn't say that I found treasures. But I found where all of our pens have been stashed and nail clippers. We don't have a lot of cabinet space. I can barely sacrifice space for one junk drawer. Although if I had the space I probably would have more than one. :)

    Captdonswife- Photo boxes are a great idea!! Thanks! Glad you stopped by! Hope to hear from you again!


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