Aug 21, 2009

where is my mind these days?!

Oh, goodness. Did you see my tweets? I did something I said I never would. After hours of crying I loaded up little man and we drove around town aimlessly. I am most certainly am not one of those moms. It felt good to hear silence. (is that an oxymoron)

I am so ready for hubby to be home and to get back to a normal routine. We don't get any family time during the week and I get very selfish with our time when he's home on weekends. I don't want to go any where. I want to turn off all phones, computers and just hang out...all of us under one roof.

Last week while in california I lost my prescription sunglasses. Now this week on more than one occasion I have seen a little dog, thinking I need to slow down to not run over the poor little dog. But when I finally get up to it I realize the "dog" is actually a plastic bag! HA! Don't worry I can see the big cars, it's just the small things.

Also with lack of sleep due to not have hubby in bed with me, not being in my own bed and blogging I swear I have been losing my mind. I kept hearing my phone telling me I had messages but for the life of me I couldn't find it! After a few hours of this I found my my back pocket!! Now if I could only find my sunglasses.

Today while doing a few things around the house I kept smelling something "funny". I soon discovered that a bottle lid went head -to - head with our dishwasher.

Sad to say the dishwasher won.

Caden, the little guy that's two and gets to hang at our house during the day did the cutest thing ever! While I was changing his diaper I had little man beside him so I could change his too! (yep, they are lining up these days) Caden reached over and wanted to hold little man's hand. I ran and grabbed the camera.


Little man loves his friend! He could just watch him all day!
This is little man in his new exersaucer "Ne Ne" got for him. (pronounced nay-nay for renee) I realize he's too young. That's why there's padding in front of him and he just sat in it for a second. It's very bright and has a lot going on!


  1. They are too cute...those two! I love the picture of Little Man on the left of your header too!

  2. Monica..
    I remember those days of upset baby and overworked husband. I use to put mine on the running dryer because of the motion and the hmm always seemed to settle him.

    I am so glad I found your blog..

    Angie- Daughter of the Kings of Kings-Jesus

  3. Angie,

    I'm glad you stopped by. If I wasn't so short and my dryer so tall I'd have to try the dryer idea. Look forward to hearing more from you!


  4. love the hand holding picture. and we got ben a bouncer/exasaucer thing he was too small for...and we did the same thing...padded him really good and stuck books under his feet so he could reach LOL of course only for a few mins and then we put it away for a few months LOL


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