Sep 28, 2009

24 hour prayer...who's interested?

Ok, this is something I am really excited about. Before I officially post it I want to make sure I have enough  people that want to participate. What in the world am I talking about?

Well, how would it feel to know that for at the top of each hour for 24 hours you and your family were being prayed for? I don't know about you but that alone gets me excited!

How does it work? You leave an hour of the day that works best for you and you are willing to commit to it, it has to be CENTRAL time. If you commit to pray at midnight central time but you live in california then you will actually pray at 10 pm. Does that make sense? There will be those hours in the early morning that either moms of newborns only see or if someone is willing to set their alarm clocks to pray.

We will each have a list of the first names of every woman participating. If you committed to pray at 5 pm central time then you will pray for each woman. We will pray that each woman will be a strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife, that they will find joy in the all the tasks mothers have each day, that our children will come to know the Lord, and live their lives for Him. If you have the desire to have children and that has yet to be fulfilled we will pray that Lord will give you peace with where he has you now and that he will bless you with children in His timing.

Ok, so who is interested???

We will start out doing once a month. Can't wait to hear what you have to say!


  1. That sound so awesome. Sign me up, I will take 9PM Central time. Its a great time,while I am putting the kids to bed or, after they are asleep.

  2. I would participate and since I am in Germany (9 hours ahead) I can take on of those late night hours :)

  3. I am there central time 12-1am


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