Sep 9, 2009

Watch out...I'm getting crafty!

First off, this was not my idea. My friend does this with her earrings and it was too cute to not try myself.

It's really easy.

Screen material  <----the one I bought at the store was $7.00
8x10 Frame  without glass or backing
Staple gun


Go to lowes or home depot and buy screen material. I bought the 8x10 frame at hobby lobby, I think any other size would be too small. All you do is roll the screen material on the back of the frame, cut off any excess and staple all around it. I folded the edges of the screen and then stapled it to prevent it from coming undone.

You stick the earring through the screen and place the backing on it to keep it in place.

You won't be able to hang the frame. You have to just place it against the wall or on your bathroom counter. We don't have a lot of bathroom counter space, so mine sits up against a wall in our bedroom.

Now you will have a place for all of your earrings and it will look cute anywhere you choose to place it!


  1. My sis-in-love made me an earring board! I LOVE IT! Best thing ever!

  2. great- can you think of something for my watches now?

  3. I agree! It has made my earring organization so much better!

  4. love love this!
    yay, a new project. =)

  5. this is great!

    Thank you for sharing this!



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