Oct 25, 2009

I love weekends {when we have nothing to do}

They are my absolute favorite. I get to spend a lot of time with hubby and little man. This weekend was no exception. Friday we started our marrieds Bible study, which was fun. We are going through a book called "Better Love Now" written by Tommy Nelson. {have you heard of him?}  I had a family shoot first thing Saturday morning but the rest of the day we were able to just lounge around. Sunday is the day we go to church but little man and I stayed home. Only because we are going out of town this week and we are trying to avoid getting sick! Everyone around here seems to be getting sick! Hubby and I had some great conversations this weekend regarding marriage. I love his insight and wisdom!
Here is a picture from this weekend's shoot. Do you notice anything on the picture???

I officially have a business name and a logo! What do you think about it?

brielleandaustin copy

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I love the logo. Glad your weekend was relaxing. Ours pretty much was too. We had good friends over for supper last night and we played games until 11:30, but it was fun. Hard getting into gear for church but we made it. Yes,we love Tom Nelson...we would go to Denton Bible if we lived in the Denton area...too bad we don't :(

  2. love the name and the logo. can't wait to see your website!

  3. Monica
    The Logo is GORGEOUS- ok share how you did it!

    I would like to make one for AMPhotography- which is the name of our (my sister and I- photo business in Missouri)


  4. I really like your logo, it is so pretty!

  5. Beautiful! Love it Monica!


  6. Love it!
    Beautiful photo. So sweet. Love the graphics around the name too.

  7. I love your logo - it's so pretty! I need to redo mine! {grin} That photo is phenomenal - love it!

  8. LOVE that photos! So sweet!!

    Great logo...did you make it or did someone else? It turned out really great either way. :D

  9. I love the logo!

    My weekend was spent delivering babies... I work weekend option at the hospital...

    But, I'm enjoy Monday! (my weekend!) We made pumpkin pies tonight just for fun!

  10. I did not make the graphic. The credit goes to "the design girl" I love it!


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