Oct 9, 2009

Let's catch up

I feel like it's been forever since I have blogged. I know I've had a few posts up and had an awesome giveaway but it feels like we haven't had a heart to heart in a while. Before I forget "Favorite Things Thursday" will be on hiatus until further notice. the reason for this has nothing to do with the fact that I have simply run out of ideas....nope! It's already October! Christmas isn't far away. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month....wear pink! Next Thursday is Infant Loss remembrance day. I will have a post sharing my loss and what I did in remembrance of my angel.

Ok, so life has been busy and it probably won't slow down till I am old and living on a mountain in Colorado. I am learning to keep up with it. My photography business is in a new phase. Business is picking up and I are currently working on a website and a name....any ideas?? I want to stick with newborn and family photography, specializing in newborn.

Little man is doing great. We went our first road trip this past weekend. He slept the entire time we were on the road. Such a blessing! Hubby and I got some much needed conversation time. We went to frontier camp for its 40th anniversary. Hubby led the worship and it sounded great! I was able to meet 2 blog readers and several other great people!



Hubby is doing well. Work is keeping him busy. We are about to move into a different phase in ministry. We are really excited about it, but praying it all goes smoothly. Hubby has been volunteering in youth ministry for 11 years and I have been in it four and half years. Both of us really enjoy it but now having a child makes it a little more challenging.

The Lord has been doing some refining with me recently. Refining and growing are never fun during the process but I know in the end it will be worth it. And I haven't been a very good wife lately. Partly because I haven't been having consistent quiet times. (times where I set aside to read scripture, pray and listen) I am still trying to balance quiet times and running a household. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day and my quiet times are suffering the most. I realize how crucial this is to my spiritual well being and need to find a certain time in the day to set aside.

Ok, laundry has been neglected long enough this week. I am off to get that going and to figure out what I am making for dinner. (I realize it's morning time but I am a planner)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Stay upbeat! I agree with the quiet time and needing refocus. It seems that if I can just eek out 5 minutes of the day to focus on Him, I'm more able to focus on everything else with a healthy perspective. Hoping you can get back to the equilibrium soon. :)

  2. As a mom of a 20 year-old son, 1 19 year-old daughter, and a 16 year-old son, all having been homeschooled, I KNOW what you are going through! I want to encourage you that I believe the Lord gives special dispensation for mamas...He knows you're busy. He gave you your little man and He wants you to succeed in your job as a mother, which requires most of your time. I also believe that's part of where "pray without ceasing" comes from...always being ready to speak to Him and listen to Him. Your quiet time is very important, I would never want women to believe there is any substitute, but, as I said, I believe, the Lord will grant you a special blessing for fulfilling your God-given responsibility. I also know about doing youth work and rearing your children at the same time..hard. I had to step aside for a time and, guess what? We have been back in it for several years, but the kids had to come first, as far as I was concerned. They are with us for so short a time (wow, starting to sound maudlin now!). God is Good, and He will carry you through the times you can't seem to fit in your devotions. Bless you tonight! (Sorry for going on and on....)

  3. Monica
    why not Pixel Perfect as your business name. I love it!

    May our Lord bless you as you seek his face.

    Your sister in Christ
    Angie(mother to 6 children)

  4. Joanna- Thank you for the encouragement! And don't think you were too long, it was great hearing what you had to say. I do get a lot of prayer time in during the day. During dishes, driving, vacuuming, laundry, making dinner and other times through out the day.

    Angie- I have thought about Pixel Perfect but I found there are a few other photography businesses that carry that name. I need to research the "rules" on using a business name somebody else may already have. I will keep you posted!

  5. Sandy- thanks for the encouragement! My goal this week is 5 quiet times!!


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