Oct 16, 2009

Love this {weather}

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The weather is finally cooling off in the oven beautiful state that we live in. In our household that means white hot chocolate from Starbucks, pumpkin spice candles, fun scarves, planning our Christmas card picture {yes, this is already underway} and getting cozy on the couch with hubby.

Besides seriously contemplating getting rid of my HIGH maintenance hair, which I have NO time for. Here are some of the things we (my son and the little guy that stays with me during the day) have been up to:

Hide and seek with a 2 year old is more difficult than I first thought.

Jen {his sweet mom} better watch out. This boy will be breaking hearts some day!

Caden can NOT get enough of playing trains. It's his favorite.

Play-doh is another favorite. We are still working on the fact that it is not edible. I catch him trying to sneak a few bites every now and then. ;)

I'm off to spend time with hubby and maybe I can talk him into buying me a white hot chocolate.....hmmm. {smiles}


  1. aww! He's so cuute!!Have a wonderful Day!

  2. Letting my hair grow out au natural, was very liberating. While I love the look of colored hair, it was just to much work and cost to maintain. So it was really nice just to let it go.

    Since you didn't get as many people for the prayer group, have you thought about spacing it our more based on how many people were interested, ie every 2 or 4 hours? Just an idea.

    I haven't picked up the card set yet. But hope to.

  3. I love this time of year too! It's been cool here too and I'm looking forward to some starbucks hot chocolate. Although, I've never had a white hot chocolate before - I may have to try that!

    Hope you have had a great Saturday!


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