Nov 9, 2009

Our family getaway

Thank you for those who prayed for my uncle. He is doing much better. I was on my way to visit my grandmother and other family. When I pulled down the road my family lives on there was an ambulance coming towards me. I pulled over to let them pass. But the ambulance pulled right in front of the house. That's when I realized my uncle was on the ground in the front yard. His face was covered in blood and his foot was facing the wrong direction. He was cutting tree limbs. While up on the ladder he cut a big limb and it fell to the ground. When it hit the ground, it hit the ladder and knocked it out from under him. It could have been soo much worse. I'm thankful he's ok!

 We went away last week to a fun place that has beaches as well as mountains. My sister as well as hubby's family were there. We faced a few several challenges but overall it was fun. It's always feels good to be home! Here are a few of our pictures. 

hiking collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage


  1. Your pictures. Are stunning!!! I love the detail and the color. They're beautiful!

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