Dec 17, 2009

My Christmas List

Here are a few items on my Christmas list. The purse I just threw on there because I love it but I refuse to spend $1,500 on a purse....even if it is Valentino! I use the Aveda products and C.O. Bigelow almost daily. They're my favorite!


Thank you again for all of your support! I'm ready to get back into blogging. It helps keep my mind off of things.

Here are the links to the items on my list.

Canon Powershot
C.O. Bigelow Sugar Body Scrub
The Born Flats
Aveda Rosemary Mint Lotion
Aveda Foot Relief Lotion


  1. for some reason I can never view your photos on here... not sure why. I am glad you are back!

  2. What! No link to the purse..;-)

    I love your list..

    I'm glad your back!

  3. Oh man, i wonder if it is too late to add that camera bag to my list? :)

  4. It's never too late to add things to your list. ;)

  5. Have you tried the CO Bigelow mint infused lip balm? In a word, INCREDIBLE! I received some as a gift and just treated myself to four more tubes of it because it is so amazing!


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