Dec 27, 2009


I love snow! I live in the deep south. We don't see snow too often and when we do it's more like ice than snow. We have spent this week in the mountains and there is plenty of snow to go around.  Plenty of snow and family. I have loved all the time we've got to spend with family. The pictures that were posted here were of my cousins two children. That would make them second cousins or something like that...right?

I have enjoyed having all the new subjects to photograph. I especially love how this picture turned out. Isn't he scrumptious? Did I mention I love snow?



  1. Beautiful pictures. :)
    I'm glad you can enjoy snow. I really like the new sidebar pictures of you and your husband. And of course, I already told you I love Little Man's new sidebar pic. :)
    I am definitely used to snow because I live in upstate NY.
    Enjoy it while you are in the mountains!

  2. I didn't know you were from the South, too! I love the snow pics! I've never been up North in the winter!


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