Jan 5, 2010

According to blog etiquette..

I'm suppose to update my blog daily. Well I don't do that. I love you all but I have a "real" life that needs to come first. Although I love blogging and if I could I would update several times a day. It's good therapy. I simply think that rocking my baby comes first.

Oh how I'd love to tell you about the fun party that hubby and I attended on New Year's Eve but staying up to ring in the new year was low on my priority list and sleeping ranked higher so no party for us! Did any of you do anything fun to ring in the New Year?

When you think of New Years you usually think of New Years resolutions. I'm not one to do New Years resolutions, but this year I have a few.

I resolve to never have anything to do with twilight. (nope I didn't jump on that bandwagon..ever)

I resolve to eat plenty of ice cream.

I resolve to take lots of pictures.

I resolve to love on my baby more!

I resolve to become a better wife. (God's still working on me with this one)

I resolve to become a better friend.

And because I hate closing blog posts without a picture. Here is one for you. You know he is thinking "Please make her stop!"

I stopped it after this shot...I promise.


Do you have any resolutions for 2010?


  1. I'm with you on all of your New Year Resolutions except for the Twilight thing. I was actually thinking about jumping on the bandwagon because of all the hype but I haven't. lol! Enjoyed your post and looking forward to following you.

  2. Alely great "meeting" you! Look forward to more conversation!


  3. I love your resolutions, the Twilight one is my favorite! Stay far, far away from that bandwagon! As a fellow blogger I admire you for NOT blogging daily. I have little one and find that choosing between time with my little ones and time on the computer just isn't an option. Keep up the good mothering!

  4. I love your resolution about Twilight!

    I swore I would not give into the fad, but I did and watched the movie. Didn't really care for it. It was ok (barely).

    I bought my mom the book for Christmas (because she loved the movie) before I wrapped it up I read the first chapter. I found the first chapter as dull as the first 20 minutes of the movie.

    I was so relieved that I wasn't "bitten" by the Twilight bug (vampire?).

    I just don't get it. Plus it drives me crazy that a bunch of married women are hung up on a fictional character.

    Ok, I'm done ranting now. :)

    I love your attitude about (not) blogging daily.

  5. I understand about not blogging every day. You have a life and that is understandable. I don't blog ever day either. :)
    My husband and I didn't ring in the new year with a party, either. Except, I wasn't sleeping I was doing dishes. :)
    Hey, your resolutions could have been MY resolutions (if I made any). I never read one page of a Twilight book or saw the movie. And that ice cream resolution sounds good to me.
    But, on a serious note, I am trying to be a better wife, too. Reading The Love Dare and Sacred Marriage, and of course my Bible.
    I'll pray for you for the new year ahead!
    In Christ,

  6. I never had any desire to see the Twilight movies as well. Don't know why, I guess they just never looked apealing to me.

    I don't know anyone who blogs everyday. Thats a lot.

  7. i held off on reading the twilight books for a LONG time, but gave in and read them. SO good. i can't blog daily let alone weekly sometimes. family comes first. thankfully i can catch up on blogs i enjoy reading on my phone when i have a few minutes. and i'll join you on the eating more ice cream! happy new year!!!

  8. I don't do resolutions either. I use to, and never stuck with it, so I gave up, lol.

  9. Who cares about blog etiquette! Don't what you want when you want. It is your blog!

  10. I guess I don't follow blog etiquette either because I don't update daily. It's hard enough to get everything else done let alone update daily. I wish I could, but it's just not going to happen.

    New Years Resolution - I generally don't make resolutions because it's just a set up to fail. However, I really like your resolutions - those I can totally follow through with. And I love your Twilight comment....I refuse to jump on that bandwagon. I just can't see the appeal...

    Love the picture, even though he looks so unhappy. One day he'll retaliate with a snowball....

  11. Great picture! Oooo that snow looks magical! Like a winter wonderland.

    Love your resolutions!

    I have to admit, I did read all but one of the Twilight books. The hype got me. :( And they're like a drug, addictive while reading, BUT when you step aside and actually THINK about what you've read, you realize "You know, this is just CRAP! Mindless CRAP!" Personally, I think they sell because of the sexual tension. You tighten up into a ball of nervous expectation just waiting for them to kiss. I think it's intoxicating because it makes you remember how it was when you wanted to be smooched by The One. Just a mental reminscing. You want that, go grab your man and remember your own past! Leave the vamps alone. ;)

    So, power to ya on that resolution. It's ridiculous. And DON'T even get me started on the LAST book. My brain-cells have died just thinking about it.

    Whoo! Opinionated much?

    You go, Monica! Eat that ice cream. You look like you could use a few more pounds! I'll send you some! I have 20 extra ones. They have been very well cared for. :)And not blogging everyday just makes when you do more special.

    My resolutions? I mainly have 1... to kick perfection out of my life. Striving for perfection and missing it since I am a dirty, rotten sinner and will be all my days on this earth, and then never finishing things due to the stress of not doing it "right"... its gotta go. That and to lose 10 lbs.

  12. Oh I do love visiting your blog. It's so pretty and your pictures are so fabulous and you are so sweet.

    I haven't decided on any resolutions yet. I don't have a great track record for them, but yours sound great!

  13. Monica~
    Love your blog! Rest assured your priorities are straight. Your family comes first and babies grow up way too fast!
    Since I'm entitled to my opinion, You aren't missing anything with the twilighters! Serious waste of time! We're grown women! In May I read the 1st book to about 40 pages and I seriously thought that something must be wrong with me because I didn't dig it at all! I was also laid up from surgery and had thought that just maybe it was because of the pain medication (maybe I missed something) so I started over when I was feeling better and yuck yuck and more yuck! I hated it!
    I don't like resolutions either. I seem to do well at something for a period of time and then lose motivation. I love your goals though. I hope to be able to forego a grudge this year and a few others.
    You're awesome! God Bless!

  14. Yes I am just catching up with everyone's blogs. I have not been on the computer much lately.
    I don't do new year's resolutions, but I guess why private heart one was, to spend less time on the computer, and more time in the Word!
    Thank you LOrd!


  15. I am just thankful that you DO update your blog! You are absolutely correct, rocking your baby is so much more important than MANY things. He is only little for such a short time.

  16. I'm with you on pretty much everything but the ice cream, I'm not a fan, or, well, I might be if it weren't for the fact that it makes my face hurt, my sinuses don't see the benefit of enjoying ice cream, sigh...

    And that picture has me giggling sweet mommy giggles!

    Enjoy them,

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