Jan 28, 2010

Back in the hospital

Friday, last week we were sent to the E.R. because little man's stomach bug had caused him to become dehydrated. After he received fluids he seemed to perk up but still couldn't hold down anything. We went 48 hours without formula only giving him pedialyte and without vomit. After those 48 hours we thought it was safe to go ahead and start giving him his formula. As soon as we introduced a little bit of his formula he would vomit. And was unable to hold it down which caused him to become dehydrated again. This morning little man's pediatrician admitted him in the hospital to keep him hydrated and run tests to be able to give this virus a name. We are thankful that we have been able to get every "sample" that they needed for their tests. The blood work came back normal and we are now waiting on a few other tests. We won't be able to leave the hospital until little man can keep down his formula. Please be praying for he will be able to beat this virus and that he will be able to keep his formula down!

How pitiful is this? It breaks my heart. At least they didn't IV his thumb sucking hand.
He is ready to feel better!! We are going on day 10 of this!!!!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the blog hop! While little man was napping I looked at everyone's pictures. What great talent we have!! We will have to do it again soon!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying and will continue to pray. Hoping he feels better soon and that you're able to get some rest (I know how impossible that can be when your baby is sick).

  2. I am so sorry, Monica! I'll be praying for Little Man and you and your husband, that God will give you strength and he will be healed soon.

  3. My thoughts are with you and your little man xx

  4. Completely feeling and praying for you as we just went through the SAME thing! It is SO hard watching your little one go through this and not being able to make things better! I hope your hospital stay is as short as ours was!

  5. Praying with you for your sweet little man!

  6. Monica, I am so sorry! That is such a horrible feeling as a mom! I will continue to pray for yall; esp @ night because I know how hard it is to sit there and watch them sleep and want to make them all better. Please let us know how things are going so we can pray accordingly. Sending lots of love your way!

  7. We had that bug over the Christmas break...and it was viscious. Our 17 month old had a very hard time. We will praying for Little Man as well as yourself. I remember I was so tired...tired of sick, tired of puke, tired of diahrea. Be blessed!!!

  8. Poor Little Man! For being sick for the first time he sure is being hit hard! :( Praying that he is better SOON!!

    Thanks for your comment on my picture edits post. I think I remember reading (on twitter maybe?) that you dislike disquis so I really appreciate taking the time comment, especially with your little guy in the hospital! :D

  9. how could someone so sick look so sweet? sending healthy wishes your way.

  10. Oh, poor sweetie! Last year's bug was awful for our family. Our then 2 yr old came very close to needing IV fluids, she lost a lot of weight in her 8 days of nothing in, only out. I feel blessed that this year's round was much less severe for us.

    Praying for you little guy! Hang in there! (((hugs)))

  11. I was thinking the same thing as J..he looks so adorable..even still!! Praying that little man kicks this.

  12. Saying a prayer for your little man. It' just heartbreaking little ones so sick. Praying that he feels better very soon.

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  14. So sad.. my 12 months ols has been puking off and on for a week.. usually he wakes up wit hpuke on him but other than that hes a normal kid.. he eats, drinks and playes... he always has to be nursed to sleep though.. My 5 year old threw up yesterday but seems fine today.. Hopefully it goes away quick!

  15. I'm just catching up with your blog. My computer has been down and the last time I read it your little man was sick. When I read your post today it broke my heart. I hate to see little ones sick and especially in the hospital. I'm praying that he gets better quickly and is back home soon.

    The blog hop looked fun...I'll have to catch the next one. I love editing too!

    Your in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care!!!

  16. I'm praying for your little guy! That IV picture breaks my heart. I hate to see little ones sick.

  17. Oh Monica! Your poor little dude :-(

    I will keep praying for him for sure. And for you too, Mama ((hugs))

  18. Oh I am so sorry you have to go through this but I hope that he is feeling better.

    He is such a cute littleman.


  19. So sorry ya'll are having to deal with this. I sure hope that they can figure out what's wrong and help him get better very soon.

    I've been there with the IV's - and they are no fun. My daughter had her first IV at 6 months old when she had RSV and was hospitalized for 4 days... they had to stick her 8 or 9 times before they were finally able to get the IV in. She had her 2nd IV when she was 3 and was hospitalized for a week to have her ovary removed. I knew enough then to ask for the "A" team to put in her IV - they got it first time.

    Hang in there!


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