Feb 16, 2010


Last week the deep south experienced a crazy phenomenon...snow! Little man wasn't impressed.

Literally two hours after posting this video little man vomited everything I  had fed him.

After rejoicing and thinking we were finally over all the repercussions of the stomach virus (that he had January 19th) I felt like we were back at square one.


He had been on his new medicine that was suppose to "fix" everything but obviously something else is wrong. It's more than stomach irritation.


We were sent to the GI specialist at Cook Children's. She said that it sounds like the virus shrunk the opening from the esophagus to stomach *(correction: stomach to the intestine). On Thursday they are going to put little man under, go into his stomach with a camera and take pictures. Once they confirm that is what is going on they will take a balloon and expand it. That should widen the opening and permanently fix the issue.


I wish that little man didn't have to go through this procedure to fix his issue. But at this point it's the only thing that will help him keep solids down. It has been so hard watching my baby suffer. Although I feel all these different emotions. I also feel..


I trust that no matter what happens God is in control. He is the ultimate healer and I believe little man will be healed!!

Please be praying for complete healing for him and that he will be able to keep down solids!

Blog hop will still happen on Thursday the post has already been scheduled.


  1. I will for sure be praying. Sorry you and little man have to go through this!

  2. I will definitely be praying for Little Man. I can understand how you would be feeling helpless...but that is wonderful that you are hopeful in Christ!

  3. He sure didn't like the snow!
    Kael my son had the similar issue after he got over a stomach bug he had a problem with his small intestine and they put a balloon in and enlarged a portion of it. We haven't had a problem since the procedure was done about a month ago. I hope all goes well for the little man!

  4. Praying for little man and your family.

  5. i will definitely be praying for your sweet boy. it's so hard when they're sick!

  6. My heart goes out to you. I pray everything will go smoothly and he recovers quickly. x

  7. So sorry you all are having to deal with this...will be praying for sure! Hope to hear that he is doing better soon!

  8. Definitely praying that little Man is healed completely and for strength for you and your husband!

  9. Oh Monica! I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. I am praying for speedy healing for Little Man, and for comfort and strength for you and your husband.

  10. oh man, monica. i'm sorry. little man just can't seem to catch a break, can he? i pray that everything goes smoothly with the camera and balloon. and i have a feeling hthat e'll back to his normal, happy, solid-food-eating self in no-time-flat! keep the faith, girly!

  11. He is in my prayers as well as his wonderful parents. I am sorry that your family is having to go through so much with this stomach issue. These little ones heal so quickly. Hugs to you all

  12. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. You have no idea what that means to our family!


  13. Oh... that little face just tugs at my heart!! Precious little man.

    Hope all is better soon...

    Have you ever had probiotics? I would google them. (its a vitamin/supplement, not a drug) But it replenishes good bacteria in our gut and helps fight of bacteria and infection in our GI tract. I have had my kids on them ever since Grandma introduced them to sugar! ;) (so yes, safe for a baby)


  14. praying for you and for little man. It's hard being a mom and seeing your kids sick or suffering.

    will be thinking of you on Thursday,

    much grace and peace to you

  15. Goodness. So sorry to hear that he's not over this yet. It's so sad b/c wee ones can't communicate well what's happening to them. It breaks your heart to see them suffering so. I am praying for wisdom and guidance for the doctors, a speedy and complete recovery for Little Man, and peace for you and your husband.

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  17. Wow- I've never heard of that after a stomach bug... so glad they can do something about it!
    Praying for you and your Little Man!


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