Feb 1, 2010

random thoughts

-I am so glad little man is out of the hospital and is doing great! THANK YOU for your prayers and concerns for him.

-There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed for 8 hours straight.

-Wal-mart now sells caskets online.

-Luke is 8 months old today. Post coming later.

-I get asked a lot how I turned my photography hobby into a business. Ask your questions here in my blogfrog community and I will have a post answering your questions.

-Valentine's day is coming up. I have a post coming on a great idea for hubby that cost NOTHING and will mean EVERYTHING to him. My hubby keeps his in the fireproof safe. :)

-One of my favorite pastors to podcast, someone that God has used in my spiritual walk more than any other pastor is Matt Chandler. There was a great article on him in the New York Times. Such a great story on his battle with brain cancer. He has 3 children and is in his mid-thirty's. God is going to do big things with him...big things!!

-We will be doing another before/after blog hop on Thursday! Loved the first one!

-It's going to be a busy few days as a friend and I plan an event for 70 people!!! CRAZY!!

-I'm thinking I should fire the cleaning lady. There is dust all over my shelves!   ......Oh, wait that would be me. :/

-There's another great photography discussion started by Julie. What editing program do you use?  Share your favorite program and hear what others like too! You don't have to spend an arm and a leg for a great program.

I'm off to work on more editing things while it's nap time.


  1. So glad little man is out of the hospital and you guys are back at home! I can't WAIT to read the post about the Valentines Day gift...I am completely at a loss for what to get hubby so maybe this will help me out. Looking forward to Thursday...even though I'm not getting my new camera till Friday. :) Have a blessed day!

  2. I love the updates! I'm glad that little man is out of the hospital as well! What an answer to prayer!

    Ironically enough, I, too, need to fire my cleaning lady - but I don't know where I'd go without this job! :)


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