Mar 31, 2010

10 months

*Just in case you missed it, I wrote a thank you post for all the birthday wishes!
*Tomorrow little man will be ten months old but I didn't want to post this the same day as the before/after blog hop. So after the blog hop I will back date this post to be on the 1st!

Today (tomorrow) you are 10 months old! WOW, you are almost 1 year old!! I can't believe it.


This past month you:

  • You started crawling everywhere!!
  • You are into everything!!
  • Your acid reflux is getting bad.
  • You have 7 teeth!!
  • You're waving "bye bye"
  • You love to swing at the park.
  • You got to go see your great-grandma
  • You actually like lemons.
  • I think you are more attached to your blanket than you've ever been!
  • You have the cutest, most contagious laugh ever!
  • Auntie made you your first toy box.
  • I didn't realize you had so many toys.
  • We are still practicing your sign language. 
  • You had a double ear infection this month. 
Daddy and mommy love you very much! It's crazy how fast you are growing. You were still in my tummy a year ago and we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. We cherish every day we have with you. We continue to pray that you will come to know the Lord early in your life and that you will daily live out His name as long as you live!!


  1. Awww, Little Man's picture is soooo cute!

  2. He is such a sweet heart! Your prayer for your little man is much the same for my two children.

    My boy is almost 20 months old and still only has four teeth!! Although I do think he may be in the midst of cutting some more now. {grin}

  3. what a cute photo! I love the wagon!


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