Apr 12, 2010

Ramblings of a SAHM

*My husband had to go into the office on Saturday to work on a project. I was very bummed about it! He has to go in the following Saturdays too!

*Saturday I spent the whole day with my youngest sister. We had a blast!

*My allergies have been horrible!

*I am so excited Phil Mickelson won the masters.

*I am caught up on the laundry! At least till this evening. 

*My husband still makes me laugh uncontrollably whenever he has to change one of little man's dirty diapers.

*Why on earth does blogger change my font half way through a post?!

*Yesterday my husband surprised me with a day off! He took little man to church while I stayed home and had a great quiet time and just some time to myself!!  It was much needed and amazing! Oh and hubby also cleaned the bathrooms!! LOVE that man!

*Little man is showing us that he has a temper and he knows how to use it......oh boy! 

*We are currently reading "Bringing up Boys" by James Dobson. LOVE this book!

*I'm excited about the blog hop this week. Because whoever gets voted as "most favorite" gets a little something. (If you're a US resident) I can't wait! 


  1. -That is so special that you have a sister. I have two younger brothers but always wished I had a sister. :)
    -Yes, blogger is frustrating when it changes the font!
    -That is so nice that you were able to spend quiet time at home and that your hubby cleaned the bathrooms!
    -Brad is 16 months (today!) and he shows signs of stubbornness. I think my mom has the book "Bringing up Boys" and I'll look for that today when I bring Brad over there. You reminded me that is one I wanted to read. :)
    -Looking forward to the blog hop as well!
    Have a great day!

  2. 16 months!! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by!

  3. Oh I want to read that book, Bringing Up Boys! I hear it is really good.

  4. We read that book too!! Time does fly when you are having fun!! Glad you got a little break this weekend!

  5. I had to laugh at the one about watching your husband change a dirty diaper. I do the same thing when mine changes them. It is so funny. He acts like whatever is in there is radioactive. Although, it is a bonus that both of us have husbands that do occasionally change a diaper.

  6. That is too funny about your husband changing diapers! It must have been so refreshing to have a day off!

  7. A co-worker of mine had a funny snapshot. It was her 2 boys, in the bathroom after totally destroying a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of baby powder. They had totally rock-star-style trashed the place, and all you could really see were 2 sets of blue eyes, a cloud of white, and under a layer of TP and powder, you could barely read the title of a book on the bathroom floor: "Bringing up Boys"!!! It was too cute!

  8. I am wanting to read "Bringing Up Boys" too. And now he has out "Bringing up Girls" - I may need to read that one first.... How wonderful to have a day to yourself and get the bathrooms cleaned! Now, that's a good day!

  9. As a mom of 4 boys I have read and re-read that book. I just ordered the seminar and am going to lead a small group at church covering the book and video...can't wait!

    Yeah Phil...I too was thrilled that he won Sunday

    With 5 kids I'll NEVER be caught up with laundry...well until they are all gone and then I'll just be too sad to go into the laundry room!

    My hubby never changed a poopy diaper without gagging...never!

    Great post! Kim

  10. Guess that means I better make my picture exceptionally good this week! Can't wait to see what the prize is. Hope you get to feeling better. Those allergies are a pain!


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