Jun 16, 2010

Just for you

I had this great plan of having a picture to go with each step but due to unforeseen circumstances I have to make this quick.

To achieve this affect (or is it effect) it's not too complicated. I almost always have the same steps with all my photographs.

Keep in mind I use CS4 to edit.

1. Sharpen!! I love a sharp image. To get the type of sharpening I want I use the high pass sharpening. Check out this cool video on youtube to better explain how to do that. I love sharp because it's edgier. (more urban)

2. Brighten the photo. In cs4 there are various ways to accomplish this.

3. Play with the contrast.

4. After playing with the contrast her face is on the orange side. And you know we don't want that! This is where it's not uniform. I play with the levels, temperature, and saturation.

5. Once it looks the way I want it, I'm finished! I sometimes use Totally Rad Actions but I like to have full control, especially the more I learn about photoshop. I know MCP actions has some actions that are for more of an urban look and maybe Pioneer Woman. Has anyone used either one of their actions? Did you like them?


See you guys tomorrow for the "Before and After blog hop"!


  1. I was really hoping you were going to tell me about a magic 'perfect portrait' button that I neve knew about. It's alright though, this will do :)

  2. There's a magic button?! Somebody share it with me! :)

  3. I use and love both MCP and Pioneer Woman actions. They are very handy time-savers. However they work best if you know what they are doing specifically. That way you can adjust the levels depending on your particular photo. Since you obviously know how to use Photoshop, I think you'd like them quite a bit! The Pioneer Woman ones are free, and MCP has a few freebies too. You should definitely check them out. :)

  4. Pioneer Woman actions are awesome. CoffeeShop has over 70 free and really powerful actions as well! There are some definite time savers and retouching tools among them! I love actions though.


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