Jun 23, 2010


This little guy is now walking everywhere. He was practically running from me yesterday while I tried to snap these pictures.



Now that he is walking nothing is safe.

I was finishing up dinner and trying to get it in the oven, when I heard what every mothers fears......silence.

That meant he was into something.

I walked around the corner and he had pulled out the basket that sits under our coffee table. It's very similar to a junk drawer, except it's a junk basket. We keep pens, remotes, various papers, and the lotion I'd been looking for in it.



This is his "innocent" look.

What you can't see is that he marked on the side of his face and leg with a pen that was opened.

Hubby got home soon after this and ask what happened.

"Hurricane little man...that's what happened."


  1. mischief, indeed! Got your hands full now. But he's just so cute!!!

  2. Been there, my friend! The fun is just beginning :-)

    And of course, he's adorable!

  3. Such a fun age when they aren't yours. LOL. Great pics!

  4. So cute! I love the last picture! Brad gets into everything, too. Don't you love having a little one to clean up after? :) I mean that in all sincerity, too, children are a blessing and we won't always have messes to clean up after.

  5. how CUTE!! Oh yes, my little man does his ALL the time!!

  6. If he was any cuter I think it would have to be illegal! :D

  7. I just had to come back again and take in the cuteness! :)


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