Jul 19, 2010

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(Mothers of Boys) This is a great resource for moms of boys.

Mothers of Boys
Sunday morning my husband headed off to church while I stayed home with my snotty, fever induced, teething 1 year old. Who is currently getting 3 teeth! I put him down for his morning nap and worked on my Beth Moore study.

An hour later it was time to get him up. I could hear him talking. I walk into his room to find him like this. He had wedged his leg into the rails and I couldn't get him out. He was out of my reach and I couldn't move the bed. I called hubby several times and my sister. I took the picture to explain to hubby what had happened.I finally was able to get a hold of hubby and he was able to come home and save the day! While waiting I was reading to little man who seemed to be having a grand 'ole time. I was glad when he was set free. I wanted to snuggle with him but he wasn't having it. We sat him down and he took off running to get into more mischief.


I have been keeping my business load light this summer on purpose. I wanted to be able to spend weekends with my family. This weekend I had a newborn shoot. (those are my favorite!!) I was actually suppose to photograph her birth but this cutie decided that she would come early while we were on vacation. Here are a few of my favorite's from the shoot. I'm still working on editing them but I love these two!



Everyone have a great Monday! 


  1. I love it :)

    I hope your little man gets better. We have been home for 4 day with fevers, cough, runny noise, etc. Now including throwing up :(

  2. Oh teething babies! Felicity finally got all her molars in. It was not a happy pretty place over here while they were coming in. She cried and blew snot bubbles all day long! I hope Little Man feels better soon.

    Those baby shots are absolutely adorable! Will you fly to NY when I have another baby?! hehe

  3. Glad Little Man was OK being stuck in there until your Hubby could get home!
    Brad used to do that, too but now he can get his leg out, thankfully. :)
    Very cute newborn pictures! The lighting is perfect and I love the composition.

  4. My daughter, as a toddler, got her leg stuck in between the banisters of our stair case. I had to call my husband to come home from work! Scary stuff! Glad your little man was not traumatized!

    And beautiful newborn shoot!

  5. I'm glad y'all were able to get him out! I mean, I know you would have figured something out sooner or later, but still. ;)

    And oh my. That baby is so precious!

  6. Oh my word! These are DARLING!!!!! I am having so much fun "looking" at your blog. I am totally visual so yours has very much caught my eye.

    I gave you a shoutout and the Sugar Doll award on my blog. :)Enjoy!!!

  7. I am very happy that you were able to get your little one set free!

    And the photographs of the new born are lovely! I'm so glad you shared. It gives me wonderful ideas!!

    Thank you!

  8. I SO love these!! Especially the first one. The creamy blanket compliments the baby's skin perfectly!

  9. Oh my goodness, these might possibly be some of the most beautiful, creative baby shots I've ever seen. Great work!


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