Sep 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Hubby was in Germany this Labor Day weekend but lucky for me a good friend of mine came into town. And due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding her planned accommodations she got to stay with me a Friday and Saturday night!! She used to live here so she enjoyed time visiting some of  her favorite places and friends.

While hubby was in Germany his phone wouldn't work. (even though he has an international calling plan) He was able to get on the internet and tweet me. Thank God for twitter! He also brought back some of my favorite Any time we're in Europe we bring back tons!

My sister came and stayed with me while he was away. I love spending time with her. Little did I know what a big football fan she is. She always had the TV on a game it seemed like. I could write a whole post on why she is an amazing woman and why I am so proud of who she has become!

I have learned over the years that almost every time hubby is out of town something happens. And this time was no different. Sunday night while sleeping I woke up to a painful contraction. With little man and this pregnancy I have had braxton hicks contractions but they were never painful. This one was painful. I rolled over grabbed my phone and googled. From what I was reading braxton hicks can be painful. So I went back to sleep only to wake up again to a painful contraction a short time later. Then I became really nauseous. This went on the entire night. But my contractions were never regular and never got worse. They continued on through Monday. I didn't want to go to the hospital only to annoy the L&D nurse and for her to tell me it's nothing.

My sister was amazing enough to let me get a much needed nap in while she watched little man. The contractions eventually subsided but I went ahead and made an appointment with my OB yesterday. After sharing what happened I received a little lecture. Apparently I should have gone into labor and delivery. Her words "I'd rather you go and annoy some L&D nurse than you have a baby at 26 weeks in your home!" Let's just say lesson learned. She checked everything and everything looked fine. Thank God.

While I was napping my sister snapped this shot of little man. He opened the dishwasher and climbed in. (she had emptied it earlier but didn't know how to lock it) I am learning that there is baby proof and then there is little man proof. The dishwasher is just baby proof. :/

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing three day weekend with your families!


  1. LOL, I like kinder chocolate too, if you ever need any shoot me an email, we can trade your american goodies for my german :P

  2. I'm glad you are ok and the baby is ok. I probably would have done the same thing- not want to bother L&D just for them to say nothing was wrong. I guess it's always better to be safe than sorry though.
    Kinder sounds good! Now I want to try some. When we go to Disney this fall I'll have to see if they sell German chocolate at the Germany section of Epcot. :)

  3. Glad you had a great weekend though Hubby was away. And Presley has climbed in the dishwasher more times than i can count. I have no idea what the appeal is.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Courtney- where is all the enthusiasm for the dishwasher when they're older and can actually load and unload it?!

    Rena- that sounds like a great offer!!

  6. So glad to hear that the scare was nothing but yes bother them they are used to it and would rather have you do that than the baby come early. hugs to you and take care of that little man on the inside as the little man on the outside runs you ragged.

  7. I hate when my hubby is away. So glad your friend was able to stay with you.

    Love the picture of Little Man!

    So sweet!


  8. Oh my I love Kinder Chocolate! one of my favorite memories as a child was opening and eating kinder eggs! Good memories. :)

  9. LOL! But he's SO cute!!!!

  10. Sorry I got totally sidetracked by the cutie in the dishwasher. Glad you are okay, and I know those Drs. have a tendency to lecture, but admittedly I would have stayed home too!


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