Oct 14, 2010

Before/After Blog Hop

Hi friends! It's already Thursday again and time for some blog hopping, editing fun!

The winner of last week's most favorite goes to... Flat Yeast Bread! Congrats girl! Thank you to everyone that came back to vote.

**Rules for playing along

  • Use only one picture for your entry. I know we sometimes get excited about sharing but how can we judge the most favorite when you have multiple pictures. 
  • Post your straight out of camera version and then your edited one. This is where you can really share the art of digital photography. 
  • Share with everyone the editing program and equipment used. You don't have to go into a step by step process but I know it's appreciated to see the recipe. 
  • What makes blog hops fun for everyone is when you check out everyone's entries. You are encouraged to stop by others' blogs and be sure to leave some comment love. 
  • I want the voting to be in your hands. So after the blog hop is shutdown (friday evening) come back and vote for the edit you liked the best. 
  • Be sure to link back to Pixel Perfect Blog so others can join in on the fun! 



5D Mark II and edited with CS4. With this edit I didn't have to do a lot of editing! It was beautiful straight out of the camera. 

Some of you were having issues with Linky last week. If you can't link up email me your post and I will do it for you. I apologize for those of you that were having issues. Hopefully they are fixed now. My email access will be spotty today, I will put up your post as soon as I can. 

If you haven't already heard it's time for the 2nd annual Pixel Perfect Photo Contest. Winner will get an Epiphanie camera bag!! Be sure to check it out here!!! 


  1. Very nice photo, and you are right it was nearly perfect SOOC.

  2. Your sooc shot is absolutely beautiful!!! I would love to have the "problem" of not having a Before/After post because my shots were perfect sooc! :)

    I'll try my best to remember to come back and vote this week!

  3. Beautiful shot before and after.

    I had not been joining for a while but I am glad to be here today.

    Have a great day. xxx

  4. What a good dog to pose so nicely...and good shot!

    I linked up this week! :-)

  5. Another beautiful picture!!!

    Can't wait to find out how to enter the photography contest!!!!! :)

  6. Monica your photo is lovely. I've not joined your meme yet but just started a new blog so that I could join in the fun with photoediting. I look forward to blog hopping with you in the future :)

    Rosie, from www.leavesnbloomphotography.blogspot.com

  7. Such a sweet heart! Love what you did with the light...but both are great photos!

  8. he is so cute! reminds me of the dog we had when when we were growing up. great shot and edit!

  9. I think this week my vote goes to #8. That's a cool looking kitty.

  10. I had a hard time deciding between a couple, but I think #36 is my favorite. Thanks!


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