Oct 22, 2010

Things have sslllloooowwwweeeddd down

This is just a rambling post with no point other than to make fun of myself.

I am a lot slower these days than normal. I am slower to react, walk, turn over in bed, return phone calls, return emails, clean house, cook, blog, tweet, shop and anything else that requires energy.

By the time evening rolls around my walk has turned into a waddle. I'm sure my husband finds that simply irresistible. I am eating less these days due to the fact I have no room to put anything!

I can no longer have my laptop in my lap, since I no longer have a lap.

And because of the gestational diabetes, I'm pretty sure that I will be asking for an ice cream sundae soon after this little guy is born.

My friend has a theory and I think it makes sense. She thinks that we become uncomfortable in the end to make us not want to be pregnant anymore. So by the time labor comes around we want that baby out!!

Alright I'm going to waddle to bed and attempt to climb in without assistance. (this was obviously written in the evening)

I have some really cute pictures to show you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! Hang in there! Soon you'll be holding one and trying to chase another. THAT is fun :o)

    Can't wait to meet your new little one.


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