Oct 5, 2010

You know you're a blogger if....

  • Anytime something funny happens your husband says to you "You're going to blog about this aren't you?" 
  • You write posts in your head instead of sleeping. 
  • Your camera is never too far from you.
  • You speak to your husband about your blogging friends and he thinks your crazy. :)
  • He thinks you're even more crazy when you call them by their blog names. 
  • Your blog readers know more about you than your own family. 
  • You pray for people that you have never met "in real life" but they feel very dear to your heart. 
  • You drive yourself crazy because you had a great idea for a blog post but never wrote it down and now you can't remember it. 
  • You wake up in a panic because you forgot to schedule a post or write one all together! 
  • After cooking a great meal you grab your camera because you want to share with your readers how amazing it was! 
  • You can't go on vacation or give birth without your computer because you have to keep up with your blogging.
  • If you go a few days without blogging you feel guilty. 
I know you ladies have a few... please share!


  1. you get so excited about a link up post that you post it the night before!

    great list!

  2. My kids read my blog and twitter so they know what I am up to!! hahahaha

  3. you wake up in the middle of the night and realized you didn't link up to the meme and you race out of bed to be one of the first ones

    you stole all the other ones i was going to say.

  4. Well said! I think I got many "ticks" on your blogger list ya.. :)

  5. I think you named all the ones I can think of, but this is a GREAT list!!

  6. I think you nailed it...I might have others but this is me to a T!

  7. Ha ha this cracked me up! Especially the giving birth one. I had my laptop with me at the hospital when I gave birth and yes, I blogged while in labor! I'm addicted.

  8. I love this list. So true!!!!!!

  9. You keep your eye open for a good "Before and After" pic to use for Pixel Perfect's link up on Thursdays! :-)

  10. You send/recieve baby gifts and birthday cards with people you have never met in real life :o)

  11. Very funny stuff! I can relate. :) Except for vacation part- We don't have a good laptop (I'm a desktop girl) and I don't have a smart phone. Otherwise I probably would!

  12. Oh boy, I'm hearing ya! I'm guilty of most of these! A total blog addict lately.

    My worst blogging vice is staying up about 2 hours longer than I meant to (um like every night!) LOL.

    Hopefully God will keep me honest and challenge me if it ever gets to the point where I'm WAY too over the top!

    Enjoying your blog :-)

  13. SO TURE and SO FUNNY! I just linked this post onto my blog for my readers to also enjoy! thanks! -Andrea

    your linked post found here: http://keepingupwiththesonneks.blogspot.com/

  14. Oh yes - I can relate to each and every one - I was nodding my head the entire way down the list. :)


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