Nov 30, 2010


We have been going non stop since Thanksgiving. We've been trying to get the boys room painted, organize all the baby stuff, switch closets, and tie up all loose ends before this little guy makes his appearance. I'm also hoping to decorate for Christmas before his arrival. We were able to get so much marked off of our "to do list" this weekend but there still is so much to do. If it doesn't get done it's not a big deal but it'd make the transition smoother.

I wasn't looking forward to yesterday morning. Because after having hubby home for five days in a row we were spoiled. He got up and was getting ready to go to work. He was in his normal routine of making his coffee when he woke me up suddenly.

"I have to catch an 8:40 flight!!"

"What?? Where are you going? What happened?" I was fully awake at this point!

"There's an emergency at work. I have to go, please don't have the baby till I get back!" he said.

Before leaving he disclosed the details of "the emergency" and out the door he went.

I had been having contractions off and on all weekend, so my thought was, "this could get interesting". It ended up being fine and he's already back home this morning. I found it humorous that a business trip would pop up now of all times but there's a pattern of work travel popping up at the most inopportune times in our relationship.

We almost missed the cutoff of getting our marriage license because he was traveling for work and he couldn't get out of the airport due to a blizzard. And he was in California for work when I was admitted to the hospital to birth little man. He made it back in time for all those events and I knew if I did go into labor, this time wouldn't be any different. We are now all under one roof and baby still has not made his appearance.

Here is the current state of the boys' bedroom. Remember my husband's office? The hunter green color is now gone and it is slowing transforming into the boys' room. I will post after pictures once we have finished. Here is it's current state.


Yeah, we still some work to do.

I have one last photo session to edit, so the kitchen table is my current work station.


I'm still hoping baby boy comes on his own!! Come on baby!!


  1. Come on baby indeed!!! Not while your husband is gone, but SOOON!!!! :) i remember these last few weeks like it was yesterday (well it was last year, but still). Can't wait to see the little guy and hear his name! I LOVE names. My sons name is Guinness after Os Guinness (the author) and we just LOVE it. :) the hair color. I have a similar color right now, although it's from fading from my dark color,'s not as pretty as yours.

  2. Those unexpected trips can really mess things up - glad it worked out for you.

  3. Those windows are great in the boys room for natural light!
    I'll keep praying for you and that the little guy will come out on his own!

  4. Waiting on a baby is so hard! Wishing you a speedy pain-free delivery!


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