Dec 10, 2010

Our life lately

*This post is not for those with weak stomachs.  (I also apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors, I'm sleep deprived)

Today is day two of being home with both boys by myself. I was incredibly sad to see hubby head off to work yesterday but I knew he had to go sometime. Yesterday was amazing and surprisingly easy. That gave me a lot of confidence when I woke up this morning.

Today was completely different than yesterday! Hubby had just walked out of the front door and everything went down hill. Cohen kept falling asleep while I was nursing him and no matter what I did he would not wake up. Little man was getting into everything he knows is a "no-no". Anytime I told him no he would smile and do it anyway.

I gave little man books to look at while I changed Cohen's diaper. We have a diaper changing table but for whatever reason thought it best to change him on our couch. (can you tell where this is headed)
I took off his dirty diaper and in the few seconds he was without a diaper he managed to poop.......everywhere! No joke....on the couch, his clothes, on my legs, shirt, my shorts and of course all over himself. He of course started crying, which led to little man crying.

I managed to clean most of it, enough to be able to make a spot to put the clean diaper on him but before I could he peed. It was all over both of us. Little man quit crying but decided to pull all of the ornaments he could reach off of the tree. (he knows not to do this)

I cleaned up the second mess and got the clean diaper on him. He was sitting on my lap as I was putting on his onsie and to top it all off he spit up all over me and his clean clothes.

The clock read 9:22 am. At this point there were still 8 hours until hubby got home. It couldn't get any worse, I thought. While nursing Cohen at lunch I put on a veggie tale movie to hopefully keep little man entertained. After a few minutes of the movie he walked into the kitchen to get his milk. He was only in the kitchen a few minutes when I heard glass shatter.

He had climbed up on the kitchen table and pulled the table centerpiece off of the table. There was glass literally spanning the entire kitchen floor. Yep, this is where I started crying. I finished feeding Cohen and cleaned up the glass.

I made little man a sandwich for lunch that he refused to eat. While trying to feed little man I get a phone call from my husband to let me know we were now having 9 people over for was originally 3.

Not only did little man refuse to eat but he also refused to take his nap. That should make tonight interesting.

It is currently 3:45 pm. The day is not over yet, I just keep repeating Philippians 4:13.

Although today has been a crazy day, I know I am crazy blessed with two beautiful boys.

Little man has been so sweet to Cohen and curious as to who he is. I snapped these this morning after the chaos.







  1. Oh those photos are the sweetest. HOw is little man adjusting to the change?

  2. So sorry you had a difficult day. I remember those! :) Hopefully they will be few and far between. Enjoy your little darlings...they are precious!

  3. Such great shots!!!!! Hoping your days get easier!

  4. Oh my goodness, that does sound like a crazy day! I hope the dinner party goes well. It'll get easier as everyone adjusts :)

    My parents used to put the Christmas tree inside the pack and play while we were little (there is 4 of us and 3 of us were born within 2.5 years).

  5. P.S. in the photos you would never have guessed what a crazy day you had! Your home looks fabulous and clean!!!

  6. I just wish I could give you a big ol' hug! I SOOO remember being there! Jeremy had to go back to work right after Abby was born and neither of our moms could stay with me. I was alone with 3 under 3! there were days that I did nothing but clean up messes and cry. you can do it. keep phil 4:13 posted up! take the pressure off and remember this is a short season of life. Hugs!

  7. Oh I had days like that...still do sometimes. Can I tell you something funny? When my mom was homeschooling me and my brother was tiny she was multitasking, taking his temperature and teaching me a geography lesson. For some reason she gave the globe a spin just as my brother pooped shooting the thermometer out of my mom's hand and completely cover Africa in poo! We still joke about it. :D

    Just remember you can do this!

  8. If you only shared your pictures we would think you were having the perfect life! Thank you for sharing your day and I hope that you are able to settle into a new pattern quickly!

  9. Oh bless your heart! I totally feel your pain! Hang in there! The first days are the hardest but you'll get the hang of juggling two. :) I was terrified for my husband to go back to work after baby #3 was born in July. And even though I have very challenging days, I've adjusted to taking care of 3 kids just fine.

    Can't wait to see more pics of those adorable boys! :)

  10. Oh my! I can empathize! Mine are two years and two days apart. Today they are 9 and 7. I am still a SAHM and I don't feel one bit bad about them being in school and me being at home during the day. All of those HARD days where you're at right now earned me where I am today...having quiet days to myself! Hang in there! Some days are good. Some days, as you've learned, flat out suck. Keep your chin up. Take your own time out if you need it. :)

  11. Precious photos!
    Oh, I hope your day got better! It is so hard sometimes and I have cried, too.

  12. Those are sooo cute! So sorry you had a bad day.

  13. Such sweet photos! So sorry you had such a difficult day. I will tell you from recent will get better...I promise. :) Our oldest just turned 3 and our youngest 7 I feel your pain. Sometimes you just a good cry. :) Praying for you!


  14. I'm so thankful that God created short memories! There's nothing like what you've captured their that can overshadow a bad day. Children are such a blessing!

  15. meant to say "there nothing else like..."

  16. those are the days that it is hard to remember that this too shall pass.

    Hope you have more good days

  17. My second daughter is about to turn 1 in a few days. It got a ton easier for me having two little ones when my second was about 6 months old haha so there's always hope.

  18. Oh....I've SO been there and still am some days. I know that doesn't make it any easier at this point, but just know you're not alone!


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