Feb 24, 2011

Before and After Blog Hop

If you are new to the blog hop, welcome! Every Thursday we have a blog hop called the before and after blog hop. It give you a chance to show case your editing skills. This blog hop is open to anyone and everyone!

My favorite from last week's blog hop was Johanna's entry. Beautiful edit!

  • Use only one picture for your entry. I know we sometimes get excited about sharing but how can we judge the most favorite when you have multiple pictures. 
  • Post your straight out of camera version and then your edited one. This is where you can really share the art of 
  •  photography. 
  • Share with everyone the editing program and equipment used. You don't have to go into a step by step process but I know it's appreciated to see the recipe. 
  • What makes blog hops fun for everyone is when you check out everyone's entries. You are encouraged to stop by others' blogs and  leave some comment love. 
  • Be sure to link back to Pixel Perfect Blog so others can join in on the fun!


This shot was from my favorite engagement session. It was taken a few years ago before I got my 5D Mark II. This was taken with a canon rebel, 50 mm 1.8, and edited with lightroom 1. 

I shot this in aperture priority. S.S. 1/200, F.Stop 3.2, ISO 1600


  1. Love the shot as a whole. I love how relaxed they look, like you just captured an everyday moment between the two of them. The black & white edit is beautiful!

    Also, love the day at the zoo pics! So cute!

  2. Oh my goodness. I seriously thought today was Wednesday! I thought to myself when I saw your post, "oops Monica is a day early." Thanks for getting up to date. :)

    Lovely photo.

  3. Love the photo and your black and white edit is perfect!

  4. Love your conversion to black and white!!! Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful photo! You have a wonderful knack for capturing emotion. I love it! The black and white is perfect, too!

  6. This is such a beautiful conversion! And was a lovely photo to start with!

  7. I so need to get Lightroom! and a new camera :-)

    Love the edit!

  8. The before is great but that after...wowza...it POPS! :)

  9. Hi! First time linking up. Love the black and white edit!

  10. Great conversion!!
    What a gorgeous blog!!
    I just stumbled onto you and thought I'd linkup my before and after.. I will link to you properly next week..


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