Feb 18, 2011

Our day

Last week I used my cell phone camera to capture our day.

We have a few toys and activities that we only pull out on special occasions. This day we pulled out the blocks. And because he doesn't play with them everyday, he sat and played with these blocks for an hour!!

Hubby made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever! I gave in to temptation and had one....or two.

A verse that hubby shared with me. I love when that man shares with me what God is teaching. (it makes him that more irresistible)

While the boys were napping I got caught up with the laundry. And then commanded that no one take their clothes off! (can't the clothes basket stay empty for once)

I also started reading Ann Voskamp's new book. Simply amazing....

I spared you the diaper tragedy, the food that "accidentally" got dropped on the floor, and the snot fest, only because I love ya!


  1. Those cookies look delicious...is there anyway we could have the recipe? :)

  2. Yes! It came from the back of the nestle tollhouse package. ;)

  3. The cookie look so good.. When you get a chance go by my site. I just added a picture post done with my High resolution lenses. I am finding out what this Camera do...

  4. The book is simply amazing!!!!!!

    I wish you lived in Florida, you could join us for the book club we are starting for One Thousand Gifts here in Tampa.

  5. What a lovely life seen through you cell camera lens! It was SUCH a JOY to meet you at the Mom Heart conference! I look forward to getting to know you more (and learning lots of photography tips and tricks from your blog)!

    Love, Michelle


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