Apr 6, 2011

My new jar

Sunday my husband's brother's family came to visit us. I have some pictures of them here. We had so much fun playing nerts (the best card game ever!), eating hot dogs, guacamole, and sharing stories. We got the best video of my brother in law playing wii dance..... don't worry Jeff I'm not going to post it. ;)

 My sister-in-law made this amazing jar for me for my birthday. How great is this? It's filled with her favorite scripture verses. This morning little man and I pulled a few out and read them.




This verse is one my favorites. It gives me so much peace. "The Lord your God is with you.." I am never alone.


After our scripture reading time we spent some time outside. Little man decided to help by picking up some already pulled weeds. He loves to watch what daddy does around the house and then try to do it himself. Pulling weeds being one of those chores. 


He then thought it would be a great idea to bring them in the house. Yeah...not so much. 

I'm off to enjoy some reading while the boys are sleeping. I love a quiet house! 


  1. LOVE your Jar, what a neat idea for a gift.
    at my bridal shower, someone gave me something so thoughtful. i love those kinds of gifts. She got me this wonderful basket full of goodies, stuff to make spaghetti, stuff for chocolate cake, new champagne glasses, and bottle of champagne. cook book, and a bo full of her favorite recipes!! i loved it

  2. Oh I love that jar!!! What a fantastic idea!! :) Would love to know if she'd be interested in selling one!

  3. Those scripture cards are adorable! What a wonderfully, thoughtful gift! My little man loves to "do what Daddy does" on a regular basis. I love how he tries to imitate his Daddy! He's watching by learning. I just hope that he sees beyond the "working" stuff and sees what a great man his Daddy is.


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