Apr 12, 2011

Where does the time go?

The last several times I have sat down to write a post this little cutie protests in a not so cute way. Blogging is becoming more difficult these days. But I am determined to not let it go. I will just have to be more intentional with my time.


Hubby and I are still training for our 5K. I had to start over because of sick kiddos, stroller issues, and weather. But we have been training everyday for 3 weeks. Hubby has lost 20 lbs so far!!  

I am in the middle of editing a senior session. The client asked me to remove her braces. I consider myself an expert when it comes to using CS4 and editing but this process has proven to be very challenging! Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated.

And that's all folks. At least for today.


  1. I think there s an action for that! Honestly I would just do it off the ones she asks to have printed. Is that what you're doing?

  2. Is there an action for that? Do you know where I could find it??

    She is wanting to do it on all the pictures. If I could just get one of the pictures edited to where the teeth looked natural, I could then cut and place that set on all the pictures. But the one I am editing does not look natural at all..

    Thanks for responding!

  3. He is such a cutie!!! Hope you guys are great! :) Can't wait to see your senior pictures!

  4. Good luck with editing the braces. My hubby finds it hysterical to edit his friends out of pictures randomly. (I roll my eyes). That won't help you, but maybe make you smile.

  5. What a sweet face he has! Congrats to your hubs on losing some weight! That is awesome!

  6. What a cute kiddo! He looks super inquisitive!

    Braces... ugh! I hate removing things like that- I'm not the best to ask. My only thought would be tiny size rubber stamp, and I can't imagine how time intensive that would be.

    The 5K- You KNOW I'm a huge supporter of running!! :) So glad you're committing to that and hooray for your husband for losing that kind of weight!


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