Apr 25, 2011

You asked, I answered Part 1

So often I get questions in the comments and I never know where to put the answer. Do I put it in the comments box, hunt down the email of the person that asked, or answer on their blog. I've done all three and still find it frustrating that blogger doesn't make responding easier. So, today I am dedicating a whole post on answering your questions. The ones that have been asked in the comment section, tweeted, facebooked, and emailed.

On my "Body after Baby"post my sweet friend Jen asked "What snacks do you feed your kids?"

For now we do fresh fruit or yogurt. If we are on the go, I will feed him (little man) a nurti-grain bar. I am starting to introduce dried fruit. That's not going well so far but I'm not giving up. :)

And on my "Behind the Scenes Baby Session" post Mama Monkey asked  "Could you share what your camera settings are for this shot?" 
Sure! ISO 200, F./2.8, Shutter Speed 1/160

A question I get a lot is "How do you find the time to blog"
Well, I haven't done a very good job of balancing it all the past few months. For me blogging is fun and a good outlet for creativity. If it's fun for you, it's easier to find the time. 

"How are you and your husband able to travel so much?"
Hubby and I love to travel the world. We are very intentional with carving out the time and budget to allow us to do so. (not sure if that answered your question)

"Do you have any travel tips for those of us with children"
Hmm... I need to dedicate an entire post to this. 

"What is your favorite editing software?"
Photoshop CS4...without a doubt! There is nothing you can't do with this program! 

"Did you go to school for photography?"
I took online classes to make sure that I knew and understood the technical side of photography. Everything else is self taught. I am always reading photography books, magazines, and following other great photographers. I never want to stop learning. 

"What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start a photography business?"
Stay out of debt. My camera, computers, lenses and editing softwares were all paid for with cash. I saved up for them. 

"Do you and hubby plan on having more children?"
Ha!! That depends on who you ask. I have a lot of complications with pregnancy and especially delivery so I'm not too excited about going through that process again, but you never know. I have always wanted to adopt. We are in the very early stages of discussing this possibility. 

"Did you go to college?"
No. I was helping my dad raise my sister during what would have been my college years. She was my responsibility and I felt like I couldn't do that and school. On top of helping my dad out with my sister I would have been financially responsible for any school. The thought of being in debt at that age was daunting to me. I am so thankful that everything worked out for the best! Hubby said he would support me if I ever wanted to go. But for me I don't find value in having a degree. (no offense to those of you that do) There are many successful people that don't have degrees.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rachael Ray, Walt Disney, Simon Cowell and Coco Chanel to name a few. It takes a smart/special person to think outside the box to become successful without one. :) 

"Why did you want to be a stay at home mom?"
That was crucial to my husband and myself. If we were going to have children, I would be the one to raise them. 

"What about your photography business and being a stay at home mom?" 
My photography business does not contribute to our family budget. The money earned from it stays with the business to help it grow or it's fun spending money for me. That means that I don't have the pressure to sell, sell, sell. I am very laid back with it and don't do a lot of advertising at the moment. All the business I have received has been word of mouth. And it doesn't interfere with me being home with the boys. Most of my shoots are on weekends and I do my editing during nap times and in the evening. 

That was fun! I am working on part 2. If you have a question for me post it in the comments or email me!! I'll answer almost anything! 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for answering our Questions :) If you could give a tutorial on how to get flawless skin in portraits (do you spot meter off the forehead or is it an editing process or something else entirely?), that would be sweet :) Thanks again!!!

  2. You are just so sweet and down to earth. I wish I knew you in real life because I'd totally make you my bestie. And yes, I am aware of how stalkerish that sounds.


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