May 2, 2011

Real time news: Twitter

Hubby and I first heard that President Obama was going to make a "big" announcement via twitter.
And like the rest of the United States Hubby and I sat on our couch in anticipation for what President Obama was going to say. We had our channel on fox news. A few minutes after 9:30 pm central Fox News announced Osama Bin Laden was dead. Within seconds twitter lit up.

For me it was a historical moment watching the news unfold via twitter. It gave me chills.

Why was it so moving?

Because there were 9/11 widows, friends, and military wives that you may not have ever come in contact with in real life but via twitter you could console, thank and love on.

I could see people real time pictures and videos of people gathering at the World Trade Center before it was broadcasted on TV.

It is where I first saw former President Bush's comments.

And it has been reported that this man tweeted about the Osama Bin Laden raid without knowing it. (read from the bottom up)

And last week during the tornadoes it was twitter that was sending out the first pictures and video of the tornado and it's devastation.

So my question for you... If you are not on twitter, why not?


  1. It was INSANE to hear and see the news go live on Twitter before the news could catch up. I wonder what the power of social media will do to our news media in the future?

  2. Yes indeedy, why not ;)? I follow your tweets and I loved your quote that said we should only celebrate one death and that is Jesus'. {@randi094; but I think you knew that already}

  3. Courtney- I know! It keeps evolving and changing. I know the first place I go when I get wind of anything is twitter.

    Miranda- Thanks you. It's good to keep things in perspective. :)

  4. I was on twitter and then cancelled my acct. i love social media tho for these very reasons.

  5. I had an account, but I cancelled it a few months ago. I felt as if social media was stealing precious time from my family -especially FB and twitter. I know it is my own self control issue. I chose to keep FB and delete twitter.

  6. Heard about Bin Laden through FB and Twitter then I turned on the news!

  7. I LOVE twitter! it is real life news! I heard about the tornados and the osama news through twitter! It is amazing and hard to explain to people who don't use twitter regularly.


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