Jun 6, 2011

Robbed on a Train

(To better your reading experience, please read the following blog post in your best southern accent.... yeehaw!)

Saturday we celebrated little man's birthday by going on a train ride. Since he is obsessed with all things train related we thought it would be fun. While on our way to our destination the train came to a halt and sounds of gun fire filled the air. No need to be alarmed our train was getting robbed. No, not for real. It was a pretend robbery that the kids loved!


(hubby's brother and his girlfriend Kendra)

(yep, robbed at gun point..teehee)

After the train ride we ate lunch, opened a few gifts and watched a cattle drive. Yep, I said a cattle drive. It was a small one but little man loved watching the longhorn walk through the street.  

(I wish I could have gotten better pictures but they wouldn't let us off the curb. Like a massive animal with massive horns is dangerous or something... sheesh...)


Once the cattle drive had moseyed on their way we headed over to the candy store.  And I was on the hunt for one thing..... salt water taffy. They had every flavor you could imagine. Amazing how it only cost $21.73 to get a cavity but $500.00 to repair one.

(Whatever your palette could possibly want, they had it)

(This is what $21.73 worth of salt water taffy looks like. Hello 9lbs that I just lost looks like we'll be getting reacquainted.)

Once we had done some damage at the candy store it was time to go. Time to load back onto the train and head home. It didn't take long for little man and Cohen to fall asleep after their very eventful day. 

(hubby was trying to get his phone ready to take a picture.)

(My sis snapped this shot. LOVE. I love that Cohen will fall asleep on you. I was wearing a strapless dress which creates an interesting illusion.)

Now that you have become one with your inner Paula Deen. Y'all go ahead and check out this video from the day.

Y'all come back now ya' hear! ;)

(Disclosure: I am in no way making fun of southerners. I am one. I was born and raised on a huge ranch with cattle, 1 horse, 2 dogs, a cat and 1 fish. My husband says my southern accent really starts to come out when I am frustrated....which makes him laugh at a not so great time.)


  1. Looks like little man had a great birthday!! Happy Birthday Luke!! also, where is this Train ride at? looks like we should attend it sometime with Slayde.

  2. How fun!!! I've always wanted to ride a train, but we don't have any around where we grew up. Looks like the little guy had a blast!

  3. My son and husband would love that! They both love trains. We hope to go on a train ride this Fall. We usually do at least one train ride a year. :) One ride goes up to beautiful mountains and the town where we have a few hour layover has a candy shop in it. I love salt water taffy, too. :)

  4. I would LOVE to go on a train like that with my family! I know they would love it. Matt talks about doing something like that often we just never actually make it happen. That photo of you and Cohen is absolutely perfect!

  5. How fun. What great photos.

  6. What fun! Looks like such a great birthday. And that last picture of you and Cohen is priceless. Just beautiful!

  7. When I was little, my parents took my brothers and me to Stone Mountain, GA where we rode a train that was "held up" by Cowboys and Indians. I had no idea it was pretend and I screamed and cried the whole ride! I actually still remember it and I couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old!

  8. I love the pic where he's asleep on you. How precious.

    Elena at www.croppedstories.blogspot.com

  9. My boys would have loved this! Looks like a perfect day!


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