Sep 6, 2011

a two year old and his golf club are not easily parted

Little man loves to golf. Hubby and little man will go on "dates" to the driving range and he has so much fun! This is not something we have forced on him. He kept trying to play with hubby's golf clubs and we wouldn't let him because he was bound to break something. He would then have a meltdown because he wanted to play golf just like his daddy. So, for his second birthday we bought him his own golf clubs which are all plastic except for one. He only wants to play with real golf balls and his "real" golf club. It's so funny. And when golf is on TV hubby will watch it with little man sitting right next to him watching it with his golf club and golf ball in hand.

He will go to bed talking about golf and wake up asking for his club. We're loving this for now because we all know how kids's golf today and will be something else next week. ;)

Here's a video of his awesome golf skills.


  1. That is precious. My 3 1/2 year old is the same way! We just moved from a place where we had a golf course in our back yard. We went out there so often after the course closed and let him play and play. It was never his idea to come inside. ;) Boy, do we miss that golf course now.

  2. You just might have a future golfer on your hands! My daughter also goes on "dates" with my husband to the golf course. She enjoys riding in the cart and also has her own pink and purple golf club! We'll continue to encourage her love of this sport as long as she enjoys it!


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