Oct 31, 2011

Reality is tough

"Though the mountains be shaken and the earth be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord who has compassion on you." Isaiah 54:10

We went to visit my mother in law on Saturday. She is still in the ICU and at the time was still on the ventilator. She was able to squeeze our hands and she even mustered up enough strength to open her eyes when we first got there.

Nancy, (my MIL) when she was well, would always give Hubby and I a hard time wondering when we were going to have baby number 3. I would always say, "I don't know. We'll have to see." So later in our visit when she had become less responsive we told her if she would open her eyes that we would have number 3. Hubby and his brother who was also there want a baby number 3.... bad. They were really encouraging her to open her eyes. She didn't open her eyes that time but there was a definite response. She squeezed my hand, moved her other hand, moved her head, moved her shoulder, and her heart rate went up. And right before we left we told her her husband was going to come visit her. Her heart rate again went up and she started moving.

That's what makes this so sad. She is in there!! She is responding to us! She is just trapped in a body that is struggling to hang on.

The nurse that she had over the weekend was incredible. He decorated her room and rearranged it so she could be next to the window. We brought up a digital photo frame that displays photos of her sons, husband, and grandbabies. All the people she loves. So when she does open her eyes she can be comforted and encouraged to keep fighting.

We are praising God for the miracle of her responding. The nurse and Drs didn't think that was ever going to be possible. Even though there are so many things to be thankful for, we will soon be facing some difficult decisions.

She has a blood clot in her leg that we are being told may need to be amputated. We haven't even begun to treat the cancerous tumor in her brain because of the hemorrhaging she's experiencing and currently being treated for, which is completely unrelated to the tumor. We still don't know the severity of her brain damage caused by the blood clot and hemorrhage in her brain. And she is still at risk of developing more blood clots even though she is on a blood thinner. We are receiving conflicting and confusing information regarding her prognosis. And at 74 years old how much is too much for her.

This has been so hard for all of us involved. I could not stop crying on Friday. I'm so sad for her and my heart aches for my father in law who is not doing well himself. This all seems so sudden. A month ago she was seemingly fine and now she is fighting for her life.

Thanking the Lord for the progress she has shown. The nurses are calling it a miracle!
She is now off the ventilator and breathing on her own!

Prayer Requests:
Wisdom for the Drs and for us as we make some tough decisions regarding her care.
Continue to pray for her. Pray that she will not be in pain, that she will be at peace.
Pray that the Lord will give my father in law strength and good health!

Thank you all for your concern and prayers for her. It's comforting watching the body of Christ come together all over the world to pray for someone they don't even know. Every time I see her I tell her about you all.


  1. Oh girl..I can only imagine what that is like to see your MIL in there somewhere. I love that she is responding and squeezing your hand. That is precious. I think of you all often! God is good friend, don't doubt is presence through all this....He's there.

  2. No one loves Nancy more than God does. He will give her His best, no matter what. We know this to be true and we can hold tightly to that.

    As I pray for her, I ask for His healing touch. That she will stay strong in mind, body and spirit. For clarity and wisdom for the doctors, and for your family as well. I can't imagine the state of your hearts right now, so know that you are being covered and lifted in prayer. He hears us.

    Thankful that she can hear and respond. I'm sure she feels covered in love and will fight to be with you again.

    Please continue to let specific prayer needs known so we can continue to lift her up.

    God is in control.

  3. Thank you Kel!
    And thank you Kate for reminding us of that truth and for your prayers!

  4. I will keep praying. That is sad that she is trapped in her body. :( God is in control so I'll pray for peace and comfort for you all in that truth.

  5. praying for your family, Monica.


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