Oct 20, 2011

What we've been up to this week

Thank you all again for praying. My mother in law is recovering well and will spend next week in a rehabilitation center to help her get her strength back.

Every four years my husband has a week where his company gets audited by headquarters to make sure they are following all procedures correctly. That just happened to fall on this week. During this week he hasn't been getting home until really late and doesn't have the flexibility he normally does. We were finally able to go see his mom today. Today is her birthday by the way!  She looks great!!

Last weekend I had a fun shoot with this sweet girl and her family. We went to school together several years ago and thanks to facebook were able to reconnect. See that fun truck in the background...swoon!


And now that fall is in full swing we bought some pumpkins where they proudly sit on our front porch. I love fall!! Hopefully we'll get some cooler weather. Little man is giving Cohen a kiss. Cohen is the only one he gives kisses to freely. Mommy has to steal them when he's not looking.


Last weekend I had a mini shoot with the boys. In this shot little man ran off and Cohen was sitting by himself hamming it up for the camera. He is definitely not camera shy.  




He likes to randomly do this especially since it makes us all laugh. He is such a joy!

*Just a reminder Before and After Blog Hop is on hiatus until further notice.


  1. So glad your mother in law is doing well. I will continue to pray for her. Cute pictures of your boys! I love Fall, too. :) Monica, I love your style! You should do a What I Wore Wednesday post some time. :)

  2. Praise the Lord your MIL is doing better! Love the picture of the boys and the pumpkins. . . you definitely will have to show it to them later to prove they really did love each other. LOL!

  3. SOOO CUTE!!!! Everyone. monica, you are sooo pretty!!! Your style is off the hook!!! :) and your little men are adorable!!! I love fall too!! :) Great shots :)

  4. so lovely to hear that everything is going well!

    Lovely pictures.. Hope you have a blessed weekend


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