Nov 8, 2011

She spoke her name..

Sunday we visited Nancy. She has been slowly progressing the last week so we were excited to see how far she had come since our last visit. She is still very weak and considered critical but she spoke her name. Not only can she say her name, she can also say her son's names and she even said mine! She had a hard time remembering little man and Cohen. And she did not remember anything about the upcoming holiday Thanksgiving. So she is still struggling with memory.

It's hard to assess the significance of the brain damage if any. She is able to respond to simple commands such as hand squeezes and wiggling of toes. She has a hand motion that she repeats over and over. Hubby describes her demeanor as "child-like." The blood clot in her leg does not seem to be too big of a concern for the doctors at this time. She is still in ICU but the doctors are hopeful she'll be in a regular room soon.

She has her good days and her bad days. Some days she is really responsive and others she's not. We still believe in God's sovereignty and healing and are thankful for the good days. But I think I speak for all of the family when I say that we are praying for a full recovery and a full life. Not one where she is not able to communicate well and stuck in a bed for the rest of her life.

Her husband, my father in law is still having blood pressure issues. He has worked hard as a painting contractor most of his life and still continues to do so. But needs to feel better to continue working.

The doctors did not think she would be where she is today and we will praise God for that!!!

Continue praying for her full recovery.
Pray for my FIL's health and strength.
All of this is taking its toll on all of us. We are all exhausted. Pray that God will continue to sustain us as we all walk through this.


  1. I love when God exceeds our expectations!

    Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  2. continuing prayers!

  3. I was blog hopping and came across your site. I love to find a blog with photographs and also a love of our Lord. I also saw the story of your mother in law and I always believe that events happen so we can stop and offer up a prayer for healing and for comfort for the family. So praying for His strength and peace for you and your family.


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