Jan 3, 2012

New Years

We enjoyed a quiet new years this year unlike last year. Hubby and I stayed up to ring in the new year while our little guys slept, until they were awoken by fire works.

Last year I set a few new years resolutions and I actually met my goal with one of them! Goodbye baby wait and I became reacquainted with the same weight I was in high school. WOOHOO!

This year I want to continue setting goal for myself both physically and spiritually. I'm sharing them with you because that some how sets it in stone.

1. I want to continue working out, no longer for weight loss but to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. I want to eat out less. The last half of last year we ate out a lot due to the craziness going on in the family.

3. Blogging!! I have missed blogging so much. I really hope to get back to it on a regular basis.

4. I want to pray more and spend more time with Him.

5. I want to surrender my need to be right in exchange for the opportunity to love.

6. I want to "be still" more often than not.

7. I want to learn to speak the truth in love....LOVE...LOVE!! I often forget about the love part.

What about you guys? Any new years resolutions?


  1. These are great resolutions!

    Praying for a year filled with blessings for you and your precious family.


  2. Happy new year! I definitely want those same resolutions for myself, too. Mainly just to be a better me. :)
    Great job on getting to high school weight! That's what I need to do since having Tyler.


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