Feb 26, 2012

A getaway for two

On Tuesday of this week hubby and I drove to a town 4 1/2 hours away to our friends' house. Our friends have recently moved from Virginia. These are the same friends that we went to New York with and spent fourth of July with a few years ago.

We stayed the night at their house Tuesday night so we could get a chance to hang out with them because the next day hubby and I flew to Colorado, leaving the boys with our friends. We knew they were in good hands.

                                   (the following photos are cell phone photos)

WOOHOO our first trip together just the two of us since having Cohen!! The last we had like this was a few months before Cohen was born. 

I won't get too much into but I was having crazy anxiety about leaving our boys. Because we left them with the couple who if anything were to happen to us would raise them and get everything we own. And this couple just moved to the town where one of our businesses resides. Everything seemed to align and I just knew something was going to happen to us. I was freaking out because the details in our will aren't completely finished. Anyway, we kept experiencing bad turbulence in the plane...that did not help my anxiety. 

This photo makes me laugh. It's hard to tell but hubby is watching "Finding Nemo" because we forgot to upload some different entertainment. :)

We made it to Colorado. (praise the Lord) We stayed at a resort in Keystone, right at the bottom of the mountain. 

I am not a good skier by any stretch of the imagination, while my husband is an excellent skier. It wasn't my first time to ski but it had been several years since I last skied. I felt bad for slowing my husband down. But he was patient with me and kept encouraging me to keep trying. He even talked me into a night run. In 3 degree weather with winds gusting up to 30 mph.....yeah crazy! I'll admit it...I cried. I was terrified. We had to wear these fashion forward masks because it was so cold and windy. 

We ended up only skiing one day due to the timing of when we had to check out and get back to Denver. The next day we turned in our skis and drove up to Denver. This time it was my turn to pick something to do. I chose to visit the Molly Brown House Museum. I had been to visit before when I was much younger on a family vacation but wanted hubby to see it too! She was made famous by her heroic actions on the Titanic and had a musical made (loosely) based on her life. "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" It's a great movie to watch! 

The next morning we flew back to our friends' town. I couldn't not wait to land safely and see our boys!!! We spent the night at their house to get some more hang time with our friends. They are famous for playing card games. We had to squeeze a few in while we were there. On sunday we went to church with them and then drove home. This is the longest car ride our boys have ever experienced. They did great! 

So thankful the Lord got us home safely. We had a great time! 


  1. So lucky! I would love a getaway with my hubby! we are hoping for my in laws to watch our kiddos so I can go on hubbys next business trip with him

  2. Sounds like a fun getaway! I would miss my little guy SO much. I'm glad you guys had a safe trip, but more importantly, that you got to spend some quality time together. :)


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