Mar 18, 2012


It's been an emotional crazy weekend. On Thursday morning my great uncle who has been battling cancer for years fell and was unable to make his way to a phone. But he was able to make it to his bed where he stayed until my grandma, his sister came over to check on him. My great uncle and grandma live across the street from one another. She makes all his meals for him, so when he didn't show up for breakfast she knew something was wrong. When my grandmother and her daughter (my aunt) were able to finally get into his house and get to him they realized they needed to get him to the ER. 

Once at the ER they discovered his blood pressure as 50/20. Yes, you read that right. He was in so much pain from an infection that was (and still is) attacking his body. The infection he's fighting has nothing to do with his cancer. The doctors were unable to give him any pain medicine except for a high dosage of Tylenol because it would drop his blood pressure. They finally have his pain and blood pressure under control. He also has low platelets and blood clots. Two very contradicting conditions. :/ He's battling a few other things too that the family would like to keep private. 

My uncle never married and does not have children. My mom's side of the family and his close friends are all he has. He's had someone at the hospital in the waiting room almost around the clock, just in case he needs something. 

We all love him very much and are praying God works some miracle with him. Would you pray with us too? 

I had a goal of having my "flying with toddlers" post done by last week. I'm almost finished but due to the unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to finish it by my deadline. 

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