May 10, 2012

Things are changing...


Our family has always strived to eat healthy. We never keep snack foods in the pantry. (such as oreos, chips, sodas, things of that nature) Except when we have company over. At those times you may find a few things that normally aren't in our cabinets. 

When I started the journey to eating healthier 5 years ago, I was really overwhelmed with all the information out there. I found some of it to be conflicting and some of it just down right confusing. Taking it all in was like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. And to complicate things a little bit more I had a hard time convincing my frugal husband eating organic wasn't a sham and was worth the extra money. 

 To make a long story short we were doing really well until I lost all of Cohen's pregnancy weight. Once I had reached my goal I just got lazy. We started eating more pasta, because it's easy and we ate out a lot. I didn't gain any extra weight (genes) but I felt gross, so did my husband. (we would still eat a few healthy meals here and there but not even close to what we should be eating)

At about the time that we both really felt convicted about the grossness we were eating, a woman hosted a get together for a group of ladies sharing her journey to eating healthier. This same group of ladies who are mostly moms, have a facebook group. We swap recipes, encourage, share resources, and start up co-ops. It doesn't seem overwhelming when you have a group of ladies all taking the same journey. 

As a result we are now eating more organic, drinking raw milk, eating grass fed beef and chicken. We are slowly switching over to eating the PALEO diet. Which consists mainly of meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. 

(I even made my own raw butter made from raw cream. This butter is actually good for because it's made from good fats) 

(The boys now have smoothies during snack time. They are filled with spinach, fruit, raw milk, yogurt, and I've recently started adding avocados. They love them!) 

I'm learning so many new things through the wonderful group of ladies. I can't wait to keep you updated on "the journey to going paleo." I'm even going to attempt to make kombucha. Anyone have any experience with this? 

You can follow my pinterest board solely dedicated to PALEO diet and information here. 


  1. It's so great to eat healthy. I try to eat healthy too and I try not to keep any junk foods in the house. My little one has never had soda, a hot dog, etc. I'd like to keep it that way. I'm sure some people think I'm depriving her.

  2. That is so great! I started juicing back in October due to my infertility issues and started eating a lot more non processed foods and low glycemic index foods ( I was diagnosed with PCOS) and I started my cycle! And things are really looking POSITIVE!! :)

  3. Your boys are so cute and getting so big! I know, I have to watch my weight and am working on losing 5 lbs. soon. It's coming off a bit at a time.

  4. Nice! Following you. I've been on a similar journey for over a year now, and also kind of lost track of the blog thing. I haven't visited in close to a year... maybe longer. Oops! Glad to see people heading in my same direction. There's quite a community of health-conscious people around, and more all the time. Next: to make my own butter! Here in Canada, it IS illegal to buy/sell raw dairy, but I'm putting my thinking cap on and trying to find a way around that.... ;)


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