Jun 4, 2012


Remember when I wrote the post saying "Hey blog world I'm back!" and then I disappeared again?

What. the. heck?

For one, everyone got sick that week including me. And you know when mama is sick nothing is getting done. So it took another few days to get the house back in order.

I got really busy with photography clients. Which is a good thing but wore. me. out. :)

And then we entered this whirlwind transition, life change sort of thing that we're not ready to share with the world quite yet and this crazy whirlwind thing has taken up most of our time.

But while I've been away little man turned three!!!

What in the world? When did that happen?


  1. OHH im soo excited for you and cant wait to hear (read) all about this whirlwind thing. =)


  2. I'm glad you are all feeling better!


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